The Grayson County Lady Cougars hosted Western Hills Wolverines Saturday afternoon.

While the Lady Cougars held the lead early, it was the Wolverines who ultimately won the first set 25-22. The Lady Cougars took the next three sets for a victory. However, the second set ended at 25-17, followed by 25-22 to end the third set, and 25-20 to end the game.

Senior Ella Robinson led the team with 18 kills and 11 digs. Senior Chloe Cox followed with six kills and led with 16 digs. Senior Bailey Richardson finished with two assists and 12 digs. Senior Brieanna Boll finished with four kills, 17 assists, and one dig.

Then, on Tuesday night, the Lady Cougars hosted the Trinity Lady Raiders.

Similarly, the Lady Raiders won the first set with 25-23, and the Lady Cougars claimed victory over the next three sets. The second set ended at 26-24, followed by 25-22 to end the third set, and 25-14 to end the game.

Robinson led with 18 kills and 27 digs. Cox ended with 13 kills and 15 digs, followed by Richardson with 21 digs. Boll led in assists with 30 and 9 digs. Kenzie Skaggs achieved four kills and 10 assists.

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