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Katy’s first quilt, made in 1937 when she was age 12.

Time for the fourth installment of the Grayson County Historical Society’s column “Through the Door.” For this edition, we share the interesting story of a lady who has been making quilts for more than eight decades.

Kathryn Janette WeedmanKathryn Janette Weedman, known as Katy to all her friends and family, is a Grayson County native born on Nov. 10, 1925. Katy was born as the eldest of nine children and made it her life’s mission to help take care of everyone throughout her lifetime. Katy has a talent for sewing anything and everything. She made clothing for her siblings without patterns and used her mother’s old clothing to accomplish this feat. Katy also loved to make quilts and dolls. This article is going to focus more on her quilts.

Katy started sewing at the young age of 12, and it was at this age she made her first quilt, and she was hooked. Katy still has the first quilt she made in 1937. Being born in 1925 allowed Katy to remember well when the United States just had 48 states, and that is reflected in her quilts. Katy has made two quilts that have 48 states, with both being a little different. One of the state quilts has the state name and the state flower embroidered and the other has the state name with the state flower embroidered. To include the other two states pillows with those were mentioned.

Katy is the first to give away quilts, and she has given away dozens. When someone got married, she gifted the new couple a quilt. She has donated quilts to those whom have lost their homes to fire. Her giving nature has led Katy to donate quilts for benefit auctions. Her quilts are so well liked that when people hear of her quilts’ being donated to the benefits, they go there with the purpose to bid on the quilts. They want to own one of her beautiful quilts.

Katy’s quilt journey throughout her lifetime has amassed an enormous number of quilts being made. At one time Katy had about 500 quilts she had made in one room! Katy’s talent in quilt making has led to making multiple styles and patterns; her favorite quilt pattern of all time is called Grandmother’s Flower Garden. If you have a Katy quilt, you are indeed blessed. Katy is the most loving person you will ever meet, and her legacy will live on through her quilts.

If you have a story to share about an old door or other item from your family’s home, we would love for you to share it with us. We may use your story in an upcoming edition of “Through the Door.” You can email it to us at, mail it to us at Grayson County Historical Society, P.O. Box 84, Leitchfield, KY 42755, or message us on our Facebook page at “Grayson County, KY Historical Society.”

— Submitted by the Grayson County Historical Society

- Submitted by the Grayson County Historical Society

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