Back in January, I wrote a letter like this detailing the lack of compassion and disrespectful way I was treated by every dentist office I called in search of care.

Little did I know that the letter would put me in contact with someone who not only became an advocate for my care, but also brought me a friend. She made appointments for me and made sure I got to and from said appointments since I don't have a car.

She even drove me to Henderson to see my oral surgeon. The day of my surgery, she stayed with my daughter through it all and even took care of the snafu with my meds after getting me home and comfortable. She called and checked on me as well.

I am now about half way through the healing process after surgery before being able to get new teeth. How that will pan out is yet to be seen, but I am hoping it all works out. So, in these times where there is such division in our country and community, there are good people out there.

Yes, that letter not only brought me an advocate and friend -- it brought me a guardian angel. Angels do live among us!

Pamela Miller


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