Saturday night’s McLean County High School prom brought a touch of magic to the county. It was such a treat to see our young students in their beautiful clothing. It brought a touch of magic to their lives and a lot of memories to the older people.

Remember that in two weeks we will celebrate Mother’s Day on May 14.

On Saturday, Elaine Gunterman and I went to the quilt show at Whitesville. The Whitesville Historical Society hosted the event. The morning program was held in the church. Nell Jordan presented the program on the history of quilts. The church was filled with very old quilts. They were exceptional. The stitching was so tiny and precise. Later we had lunch in the reception building which was filled more quilts and quilted items. Sue Berry presented the afternoon program.

Pam Stewart Tucker will be visiting her mother for Mother’s Day. Pam and her husband Steve live in Alaska.

Mr. Bobby Shouse was the Sunday speaker at the Beech Grove Christian Church.

Davin and Molly Tanner have been married five years. Congratulations!

Brenda and Tommy England had an anniversary last week.

Happy 2nd anniversary to Bryan and Morgan Longtine Neyhart.

Megan Woosley, Jacob Floyd and Angie Murphy had birthdays last week.

Special birthday to Greg Corn. “He is the best papa anyone could ever ask for.”

Sharon Dickens husband Carol had kidney cancer. They are praising God for prayers answered. His cancer is in his right kidney. Carol had surgery to have his right kidney removed Therefore his problem has been removed. They are so thankful of God’s wisdom and love.

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