There was a movie and chili benefit Saturday night at the Beech Grove Ball Park for Tony Joe Dant and family. There was a good turnout. The event was sponsored by the Powell family and others.

Pascal Rearden, 96, of Owensboro passed away Sept. 29, 2021. He worked at Green River Steel. Mr. Pascal was survived by his daughter, Sherry Baird, and son, Roger Rearden, his grandchildren and great-great-grandchildren.

Tim R. Stratton, 54, of Calhoun died on Oct. 2. Tim was the owner of Sculptured Waters Sealant. Survivors include his wife, Lauri Greaux Stratton; mother, Shirley Louise Clayton; two brothers, Terry Stratton and Darrin Clayton; and two sisters, Vonda Donahoo and Vicky Hill.

Dylan McMahon harvested his first bull elk last Monday morning.

Kimerli Plumb Moore has become a “Grammy.” She is in the club with a grandson. Congratulations Kim!

Neki and Cody Robertson celebrated their 14th wedding anniversary.

Carl Ray and Pat Jewell have been married 37 years.

Mark and Michelle Badertscher celebrated their 33rd anniversary.

Tori and Joe Hayden were married Oct. 6, 2008. They celebrated their happy together 13th anniversary.

Sara and Michael Wahl celebrated their ninth anniversary.

Others celebrating anniversaries were: Farren and Bridget DeAnn Eubanks; and Adrienne and Bradley K. Wiggins.

Brooklyn Gail Sexton was one year old on her birthday.

Abbi Lee enjoyed a birthday slumber party last Tuesday evening.

Other birthdays include: Melinda Burgard, Brittany Owens Galloway, Pat Jewell and Drew McCarty.

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