The area received its first snow. We got about 2½ inches of beautiful snow that didn’t stay on the roads, but it covered the trees and grass.

The McLean County Cougars played the Owensboro Catholic Aces on Friday night. The evening ended with McLean County 32 — Owensboro Catholic 47. Evan Ward of McLean County was outstanding. All of the McLean County team played well.

The Captain William Rowan Chapter of the Daughters of the American Revolution will meet at 1 p.m., Friday, at Farley’s in Calhoun. Members are encouraged to attend. Interested visitors are also invited. At the meeting members are to share something about a family member that was in the military — to celebrate Veterans Day.

Connor Ward got a beautiful deer on the first day of deer season. It was an 8-point buck

Lucas Murphy shot his first buck. He was a happy boy.

Sally Murdock at 70 years old hasn’t quiet given up on hunting deer. She killed a beautiful buck with an awesome rack.

Michael Woosley got his deer Sunday.

Brad and Christen Wahl celebrated their 10th wedding anniversary.

James and Kirsta Murdock also celebrated their 10 anniversary. Congratulations to both couples.

Jalyn Ferguson celebrated her 22nd birthday.

Chase Dant was 40 years old.

Myles Holder was 19 years old.

Deedra Lee and Amy Woosley had birthdays last week.

Memories: Mike and Bill Ambrose lived in Beech Grove from 1960-1963. Mike Ambrose passed away this month after a battle with cancer. Their grandfather was Leon Ambrose. Leon owned and operated the Ambrose Grocery and General Store at the junction of Kentucky Highways 56 and 256. Mike was a student at Beech Grove Elementary School.

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