Calhoun City Council opted to raise monthly compensation for council members. The council also did a first reading on a proposed ordinance to add a late fee policy to sewer only customers.

City council members voted to raise monthly compensation in the council’s regular meeting Tuesday. The current rate is $86.64, which will be raised to $100, effective Jan. 1, 2021.

“I kind of feel funny that we jacked up everybody’s water rates 50% and then we’re going to turn around and give ourselves a raise too,” said Council member Irene Longtine.

However, according to City Clerk Joy Cabbage, council member compensation rates have not likely been raised since 1976 when council member compensation rose from $12 to $24 in 1977. Other raises in compensation rates have been and adjustment to account for raises in cost of living, she said.

Cabbage also noted that compensation payments for elected officials comes out of the city’s general fund, and is separate from water and sewage funds.

The council also did a first reading for a proposed ordinance that would apply a late payment fee to the city’s sewer only customers. Currently, the city has a policy in place that applies a 10% late fee to water customers, but does not have a late fee in place for sewer only customers.

The council motioned for a 10% late fee to be applied to the principle balance of late sewage payments and another 110% each month on the outstanding balance until payment is received.

According to Assistant City Clerk Tara Woodburn, the city’s minimum sewage charge is $38.25 for 2,000 gallons or less, so if the motion passes in it’s next reading, sewer only customers will receive a minimum late fee of around $3.83 for late payments.

The council will do a second reading of the proposed late fee for sewage customers only at its next regular meeting in March., 270-691-7360

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