It is difficult to think that school will be starting soon. We are still in a real time of change. One of the frightening changes is that the virus seems to be making a return. Now they are talking about it being in school age children. That is especially interesting because earlier they had said that it didn’t affect younger children. There is so much that they do not know about the virus.

The best advice is to keep on washing your hands. Be careful when in crowds — in fact avoid crowds. If you are sick stay home — do not spread this “stuff” and remember if you are feeling badly that means that your system is weakened and you can “catch” illnesses more easily. Take care of yourself and your family and take care of others.

John Caraway, 87 died at his home in Calhoun on July 12, 2021. He was a son of the late Guilford and Anna Mae Dame Caraway. John was a farmer and a U. S. Army Veteran. Survivors include his wife of 52 years Connie Dawes Caraway, his son Scott, three daughters Sarah Thompson, Johnah Brown, Nine Anderson and a brother Lemuel “Doodle Bug” Caraway.

Happy Birthday to Laura Ann Johnson Wilson. Her special gift is a boxer puppy. The puppy was born July 6. His name is “Sadie”.

Eddie Dant was 66 years old on his birthday.

Other birthdays include Frances Jean Powell Vanover, Amy Baird Larkin, Jay Jones, James Murdock, Ben Sandefur.

Jarrod and Brittany Owens Galloway celebrated their 20th anniversary.

Jordan and Emilee Ward celebrated their 11th anniversary.

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