We are slowly adjusting to this new way of life. We must keep motivated.

We need to use this time to connect with friends and relatives via email, letters, telephone. Time to get those undone projects completed. So far hardware stores are still open. Use this time wisely. Take care of our older citizens. Take care of yourself.

Families are to work on the family unit. Staying together in a family unit, without being with other groups will start to be a challenge. Please take care of and love your family.

McLean County has been declared a state of emergency per executive orders from Judge-Executive Curtis Dame. All seven counties in the Green River Area have been declared a state of emergency.

There is terrific news from Bruce Reynolds. His tumor has shrunk from 3 cm to 1.7 cm and the lesions on his liver and pancreas barley lite up on the pet scan. Please keep the prayers coming.

Dale Mattingly is still in the hospital. His last MRI did not show the improvement that was hoped for. For now he continues on strong antibiotics and trying to keep his sugars down so that he can fight.

Happy 27th birthday to Jordan Ward.

Birthday greetings to Becky Wiggins Sutton and Summer Raye Dant.

Matthew Roy Hayden was 3 years old. He is the oldest son of Joe and Tori Hayden.

Bruce and Catherine Maxwell celebrated their 7th wedding anniversary.

I am still in Florida and am enjoying warm beautiful weather. There is a small group of us from McLean County in the same park. Even though some activities have been limited due to the crisis there is still much to do.

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