Beech Grove is filled with Halloween decorations and campaign signs. It is a weird year. Nothing seems right as we continue with the coronavirus. Students and parents are trying to adjust to the “new” school hours and times. Citizens are trying to “think nice thoughts” each time that have to put on their mask, or go back to their car to get their mask before they can go into a building wearing their mask.

There will be a Trunk or Treat — a community Fall Festival in Beech Grove Saturday Oct. 31. The event will start at 3 p.m. in downtown Beech Grove.

Special thoughts and prayers are with the family and loved ones of Shelley Powell Simon. Shelley is in Heartford House. She is in need of prayers as her brave fight is near its end.

Leroy Mauzy is very ill with the virus. Two others of his family members have the virus also.

Remember when the virus first began — we were all concerned about keeping the hand sanitizer nearby. We always made sure that we washed our hands the proper length of time. We tended to stay in and if we had to go out we safe distanced. We wore our mask. Now they are telling us that the virus is now worse that we must be even more careful. Unfortunately, we have gone back to our old ways. Take care of yourself.

Congratulations to Jake and Brenda Badertscher on their 57th wedding anniversary.

Rhonda Watkins, her son, Alex Watkins and Alex’ daughter, Emma Watkins have returned from a wonderful trip to Fort Walton Florida.

Jax Ward killed his deer Sunday morning.

Kelsy shot her deer Sunday.

Birthdays this week include: Melina Burgard and William Lacefield.

On Tuesday, Sept. 22, Anna L. Bailey, 84, passed away. She was born in Beech Grove to the late Edward Bert Mackey and Bessie Marie Algoode Mackey. Anna graduated from Calhoun High School. She married James W, Bailey on August 2, 1952. Her husband, Jim, died in 1990. She is survived by her two sons, Matt Bailey and Mack Bailey, and a daughter, Marti Gaw on Englewood, Florida. Anna had 9 grandchildren and 22 great grandchildren.

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