The Benefit for Brett McPherson, held last Saturday at Livermore City Hall, went very well. When Tim and I arrived, the place was packed with people. We saw several people we knew, and were able to do some visiting, eating, and bidding on silent auction items, and we enjoyed listening to the Just Put Together Band featuring Jug Howell. Among other activities, the “Jail” was in operation—and the jailers were kept busy. Two Islanders that I know of, that were “arrested” and tried to talk their way out of it (to no avail), were my hubby, Tim Sheppard, and Barry Coin. So they served their time, and got out for good behavior—all for a good cause—and that was the Brett McPherson family.

Sunday at Island Baptist was so sweet, because one of our young congregation members was baptized. He had been asking about Jesus and heaven, and wanted to accept Jesus as his Savior. When I saw him up with Bro. Chad the previous Sunday evening, at the time of invitation, it brought a tear to the eye. Very touching, indeed!

Belated birthday greetings to Lonnie Hillard, who celebrated a significant birthday yesterday! Those with birthdays for this week are Jeff Howell and Emily Bolton, and those celebrating anniversaries are Bro. Eric & Cesia Espada, and David & Melody Shocklee. Wishing you all a very special day!

The Island Community Development Association met July 12, and plans are in full swing for the upcoming Wooden Bridge Festival on Sept. 11. If you are interested in having a booth at the festival, please contact Nancy Johnson at 270-499-3264. The cost for food booths is $25, and for Arts &Crafts booths it’s $10. The fest is less than two months away, so call and reserve your space today! And if you’d like to attend the next ICDA meeting, it will be held on Monday, August 9, at 6:30 p.m. at Island City Hall.

Bridge View Pizzeria will begin offering breakfast starting Monday, Aug. 2, from 5 a.m. to 10 a.m. Breakfast will be available Mondays through Saturdays. Be sure to stop in and check it out!

Island native Kelly Freels Key has a Facebook page called “Nanny Moon Boutique.” She goes “Live” a couple of times a week selling boutique clothes, and what makes her sales even more special is that she offers sizes Small, Medium and Large, as well as Plus sizes 1XL, 2XL and 3XL. There is no additional cost for Plus sizes. Please check out Nanny Moon Boutique, and get some great deals at the same time!

Reminiscing 70 years ago (July 17, 1951) — “Mrs. J.T. Nall and family entertained with a dinner party Thursday. In attendance were Mr. and Mrs. Herman Colburn and children, Karl, Eddie and Willodean; Mesdames Eura Sonner and children, Henry, Donnie and Ruby Bernice Nall and children, June, Harold, and Jerry; Marie Markwell, Gladys Carter, and daughter, Faye, and granddaughter, Pamela Moody; Lena Howell, Ora Mae Hardison, and Betty Bolton and son, Byron.”

And 30 years ago (July 11, 1991) — Six early-morning structure fires in the last week have Island residents concerned for their safety and the safety of their property. All six structures that burned down were abandoned, but property owners are worried that maybe the next house to be burned will be next to theirs. Island Fire Chief Roger Williams said all of the fires are being treated as arson. Three of the fires were set on July 5: at 445 Oak St.; at 225 Daniels St.; and a third occurred on Ridge Road. On July 7 another fire destroyed a house on Old Island-Livermore Road. Two more fires were reported at a house on Fox Hollow Road and another one on Daniels St. They were both destroyed. Williams said if the culprits are caught, “we’re going to try to prosecute them for arson and wanton endangerment.”

“When the devil reminds you of your past, remind him of his future.” — Wishing everyone a blessed week!

To share any news, call or text 850-543-6772, or email

To share any news, call or text 850-543-6772, or email

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