Well, it’s been a really quiet week. We are still trying to get vegetable plants in the garden, what with all of the rain we’ve had lately. The ground is finally tilled, and so hopefully this week it will be done. I hope that the farmers are done or about done with their planting. The cool spring days have been wonderful, and now it looks like summer is here. I’m hoping that since we had a nice spring that we will also have a nice fall. We can always hope!

Island’s own Mylke coffee roasting company has their sweet Cold Brew in individual serving size bottles, and they are great! Mylke owner, Shane Case, is trying to get them available for sale in McLean County stores by the end of this month. If so, I’ll be their best customer—wherever they’re sold!

Birthday greetings go out this week to Robert Bishop; hope you have a great day!

Bridge View Pizzeria has added lemon shake-ups to their menu. If you have not checked out this pizzeria, please give them a try. And remember they have delivery service! Their number is 270-673-7038.

With work still being done on the bridge on 431, just south of town, please be careful in that area. Some people are in a hurry, and we have seen some pretty crazy driving and dangerous passing. Everyone has somewhere to go, and none of us like to be stopped at the light for 5 minutes. I’m sure most of these drivers are just passing through Island, but please be careful if you’re going through that area.

Reminiscing 60 years ago (June 2, 1960) — Island Methodist Church has been designated Rural Church of the Year by the Methodist Louisville Conference. The Rev. George W. Phillips accepted the honor on behalf of his congregation at the closing session of the 115th annual conference in Owensboro Sunday. The award is intended to honor the rural church which shows the greatest progress in religious service to the community. The Island church increased its membership by more than 100 in two years, in spite of a decline of 104 in the population of the town. The congregation built a new $17,000 parsonage three years ago and has expanded its youth fellowship group from 12 to 67 members.

And 45 years ago (May 29, 1975) — A birthday dinner was given at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Jim Markwell Saturday evening, honoring Maurice Everly. Those attending were: Mr. and Mrs. Maurice Everly; Mr. and Mrs. Douglas Everly, Marcia and Laura; Mr. and Mrs. Bill Bolton; Ura Price and T. Tom; Mrs. Marie Markwell; and Mr. and Mrs. Jim Markwell. Everyone enjoyed the food and fellowship together. Mr. and Mrs. Curtis Sutton spent the weekend at Lake Barkley. Mr. and Mrs. J.D. Hardison and Mr. and Mrs. Jesse Daniels visited Mr. and Mrs. Alex Laster in Hopkinsville Sunday. A picnic was held Monday at the Everly Town Park located back of Mr. and Mrs. Maurice Everly’s home. This is an annual affair for the Everlys and Vandivers, for all their friends and neighbors who come from far and near. There were 61 people there. The oldest was Lona Everly, age 88, and Mrs. Gertie Vandiver, age 83. There was lots to eat and everyone enjoyed the fellowship together. This makes people feel just a lot closer to one another. Keep the picnics going. (This sounds like good advice. I look forward to when we can have some big picnics again!)

“A mistake repeated is a decision.” — Wishing everyone a safe week!

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