As I mentioned last week, there was a baptism at Island Baptist Church this past Sunday, and it was so beautiful to watch a young man accepting Jesus—very uplifting!

The benefit last Friday, in honor of Hunter Howard, had a great turnout. There was both a car wash and plate lunch, with Grease Monkey Auto in Calhoun sponsoring the car wash, Tharp’s Handyman Services handling the plate lunches, and several volunteers jumping in to help out. All proceeds went to Hunter’s family, to help out his little girls. I’m always touched that McLean County pulls together to help out one another. I think that’s something special about small-town areas—people are willing to jump in and help, just because it’s the right thing to do!

Lori Lee Trinket Treasures LLC is located at 445 Daniels St., Island. Lori just opened her new shop on Monday, and hours of operation are Monday through Saturday from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m.; closed Sundays. Lori is an independent business owner of Paparazzi Accessories, and she also has a Facebook page, where you can check out her live shows, and other information on products for sale. You can also reach her by phone at 352-391-0733. Be sure and check out the shop; it has everything displayed very nicely!

Birthday greetings go out this week to Raleigh Everly, Roger Eaton, David Podolak, and Lois Crumbaker. Anniversary greetings go out to Adam & Carrie Wright and to Patrick & Natalie Dame. Wishing you all a very special day!

Reminiscing 45 years ago (Aug. 28, 1975) — Mr. & Mrs. Ed Dow Howell and daughters, Patti and Mrs. Tommy Calvert, attended the Texas Gas Annual Picnic in Madisonville on Aug. 23. Dennis Markwell of Owensboro is spending two weeks with his father, Bruce Markwell, and Mrs. Markwell; also his grandparents, Mr. & Mrs. Edward Markwell, Connie and Rick and great-grandmother, Mrs. Dosia Thompson. Mr. & Mrs. Archie Neal attended the State Fair in Louisville, Tuesday. Those from Island attending the Audubon Area Community Services, Inc. Dedication and Ceremony luncheon at the Ramada Inn, Henderson, Thursday, Aug. 21 were: Deutzy Shutt; Gola Everly; Dalcye Sparks; Susie Kirtley; Marie Markwell; Lamar and Lillie Elmore; Archie and Orpha Neal; Lily Kirtley and Mrs. Hugh Slaughters. Mr. & Mrs. Jack Boyken, Debbie and Jeff visited Mr. & Mrs. Darrell Murch in Winter Haven, Florida last week. They also visited a lot of interesting places. A community singing, sponsored by all the churches, was held at the grade school ball park, Sunday evening, Aug. 24. Everyone enjoyed the singing by choirs of each church, solos, duets and the Spiritual Echoes. A large crowd was in attendance. (This sounds like something great for Island to do again--down the road!)

And 35 years ago (Aug. 29, 1985) — Bob and Faye Vandiver’s horse, Island North, won the 1-mile race at Ellis Park, on a muddy track, Aug. 16, in a time of 1.43. Bob, a self-employed oil businessman, said kiddingly that before the race, he nailed an Alpo dog food label on the door of Island North’s stall and said, “Read this.” Bob added, “I don’t know if there was any connection, but I do know that afterward, Island North came from 10 lengths to win the race by a nose.”

“No Jesus, no heaven. Know Jesus, know heaven! — Wishing everyone a great week!

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