I’m happy to report that both the Museum and the Treasure House will be reopening on Monday, June 8. Treasure House hours will be Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. The History Museum will be open the same days as the Treasure House, but hours are from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. PLEASE provide your own mask to enter both the Treasure House and the Museum; at the present time it is a requirement to wear a mask to enter and shop in the Treasure House, as well as to tour through or do research in the Museum. We appreciate your cooperation in this matter, and we look forward to seeing you!

This week I finish up with the business ads of the 1960s, covering Livermore and some miscellaneous locations. In 1968 Art Peercy advertised a five-week grand opening event for his Livermore IGA store. There were free balloons, bubble gum and suckers for the kiddies; the first 100 customers on opening day received 100 pairs of nylons and 1 pound of sausage (and that is not a typo); among other things, 20 big bags of groceries were given away the first three days; 3 portable GE TV sets were given away over a 3-week period; and a 12 cu. ft. home freezer was given away on the final day. Other Livermore grocery stores that only advertised their name were Atherton’s IGA, Buchanan’s Grocery, and Leland Howard’s Grocery.

An ad for B.F. Evans Ford said “the heart of the business, as always, is time proved, good old-fashioned customer service! We want you for a permanent customer, so we are determined to give you the fastest and most dependable service in this area, during and after the sale!” Per one Livermore Motor Co. ad, “We stake our reputation on quality cars & trucks at fair prices.”

In 1962 Peak’s Livermore Gulf Service gave you 50 extra Top Value Stamps with a $3 purchase of Gulf gasoline. Gene’s Service Station was “now giving S&H Green Stamps free with all gasoline and oil products purchased.” Turner Brothers’ Garage advertised acetylene or electric welding, and let you know they were specialists in tractor repairs. One similar business only advertising by name was Herndon’s Gulf Service.

First Federal Savings & Loan Assn said, “Save by the 10th, earn from the 1st…a full 4% interest.” Farmers and Merchants Bank let you know that “Federal Deposit Insurance Coverage is now $15,000 on deposits. This law was signed by President Johnson and put into effect on Oct. 16, 1966.”

In 1960 Livermore Furniture and Hardware offered a Genuine White automatic gas or electric water heater for as low as $59.95, no money down. And their Toyland section offered free gift wrapping, and “no extra charge for lay-away.” Furniture companies advertising only by name were the Green River Chair Co., the Livermore Chair Co., and the Wonderest Chair Company & Ken Novelty Company.

Gillette’s Dairy Bar served plate lunches every day. In 1962, their 4th anniversary special was 8 hamburgers for $1.00. In 1964 the Suggestion Beauty Shop offered regular $7.50 Permanents for $6; and introduced Juanita Bradshaw as a new employee at the shop—Juanita specialized in cutting, back combing and hair coloring. Salons advertised by name only were Chaney’s Beauty Salon and Eveline’s Beauty Shop.

Riley’s Gift Shop was touted as “McLean County’s Most Interesting Store.” In 1962 they had a “complete selection of HI-FI and STEREO long playing records at the amazingly low price of 99 cents.” Riley’s Drug Store ads always said, “Today’s prescription is the biggest bargain in history,” and added, “Get the habit — buy it from Riley!” (Both Riley stores were owned by Mike Riley, and merged in 1962, when he found a building large enough to hold them both.)

One realtor said, “For highest cash return, list your property for sale with Robertson Real Estate.” The James R. Hoover Insurance Agency was there “for all your insurance needs.” Jarvis Sweet Feed Mill offered pre-season price savings on Kentucky Seed’s BEST—“the farm seed farmers trust.” Other Livermore businesses advertising only by name included: Dr. Samuel Scott, McLean County Florist, Atherton Lumber Company, and Livermore TV Sales & Service, however, it was mentioned that at the latter store you could also pay your Southern Bell Telephone bill.

Miscellaneous businesses in the county that were mentioned in ads included: Buck Creek Grocery; Troutman’s Garage in Buel; Phillip’s Super Saver at Elba; the Glenville Super Saver; R.T. Tichenor and Sons Grocery in Guffy; Reno’s Grocery in Livia; and J.L. Heflin Grocery and Hillside Hardware in Nuckols. Hillside Hardware offered leaf rakes for 84 cents and 12 gauge shotguns for $31.97.

You can reach us at the Museum by emailing info@mcleancountykymuseum.org, or by calling and leaving a voicemail message at 270-499-5033. We will get back with you as soon as we can. Wishing everyone a safe week, and hope to see you soon!

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