Do you know that a fly can smell rotting fruit, or chicken manure spread on a field, over 4 miles away?

One problem they are watching for, with the warming temperature, is that flies will have a shorter lifetime from birth to breeding time. That means they will lay eggs at a faster rate, and that means millions more flies.

Climate change is bringing a lot of miseries to our Earth. Ocean water is rising because the ice caps are melting. Entire cities are planning to move away from the coast within the next ten or twenty years. Beaches are being covered with water and tourists can no longer play on the beach.

Flag Day is this Friday! Make sure you have your patriotic decorations and your flag showing.

Don't forget Father's Day is the third Sunday, on June 16.

Summer begins next week. The summer solstice begins on Friday, June 21. If you are standing in the middle of Stonehenge, on the Plains of Salisbury in England, the sun will rise and be right in the viewing hole! That also means the year is half over.

I opened the side door to see if the cats had finished eating their food, but saw something else there. There was a small raccoon, but it was not Rocky Raccoon, the big one who likes our sunflowers seeds! He was watching me, and stuffing cat food as fast as he could into his mouth with his little hands! I watched him for a while, as he was watching me, but he just kept eating until my sister asked why I was standing there, and the raccoon took off.

The Poplar Grove Cumberland Presbyterian Church has been in existence for over 147 years! Before that, according to Dudley Dame, all of the various faiths in the area met in the log cabin that was in the "old section" of the cemetery. You can still see where the cabin had been, because of the absence of graves there. The log cabin was used for many years, until it was no longer habitable. The Primitive Baptist then built themselves a church, and they kept the name of Cypress, calling it Old Cypress Primitive Baptist.

The Poplar Grove Cumberland Presbyterian Church was organized on Nov. 23, 1870, and they bought 4.83 acres and build a church just a stone's throw from the Primitive Baptist Church. The brown Baptist Church faces to the west, and the white Cumberland Presbyterian Church faces east, with both sharing the same lane. The road between them was formerly the old highway to Sacramento, until the highway department decided to build a straighter road and they bypassed the two churches.

The Poplar Grove Cumberland Presbyterian Church has been the cornerstone of the Poplar Grove Community for decades. We had a crowded church every Sunday and Sunday night and every year there would be a huge crowd, every seat filled, for Homecoming, and lots of food in the basement. But all those people who used to fill every pew, are no longer here. Most of them have passed away, my parents and grandparents and aunt and uncle and several cousins, among them. Some of the others are older and not able to get up and go to church. So many of the younger ones have moved away.

All of the cemetery belongs to the Poplar Grove Cumberland Presbyterian Church, including what is called the old section of the cemetery, the new section, and the side section where the large tree is located, except for the Primitive Baptist section, according to Dudley Dame, There are a lot of empty lots, with no bodies in the old section, (and they have been checked for bodies) where the log cabin used to be and empty spaces in several areas here and there in the rows, and several empty plots throughout the new section, and the side section with the large tree.

Check out Brother Al Johnson's website, "" (according to the Word of God). He has all kinds of topics and live videos. He has topics on Moses, Daniel, Ezra, and Ezekial and the Life of Christ! The written material can be found at

Everyone is invited to services at the Poplar Grove Cumberland Presbyterian Church at 9:45 a.m. Put on your blue jeans and sneakers and come on. We're a country church and dress casual! Everyone is welcome.

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