This is already June! This year seems to be moving much faster than last year! The first day of summer, the summer solstice, is in about two weeks, Sunday after next! That also happens to be Father’s Day!

Father’s Day always got a bum deal! Mother’s Day occurred during the school year, and the teachers, especially the lower classes, had the children work and make lots of neat and pretty things for their Mothers. But Father’s Day was after the schools closed for summer break. The teachers did not have the children make things to give their Fathers. As a teacher, I felt they always were left out. Many of us wanted Father’s Day moved to another day that occurred during the school year. But that would take an act of Congress! And they can’t agree on anything!

The mosquitoes are bad this year, because of all this rain, as are the ticks! I wish I had my guineas again. They loved to eat ticks! They would walk up and down and look all over and under bushes and grass looking for bugs! I never saw a tick when I had them wandering around! But neighbor dogs and coyotes got all of them.

My neighbor’s little Bantam chickens have been busy eating the ticks and other bugs. He has some that he wants to give away, because he has so many! If you would like to have some of his chickens, call or text me and I’ll give you his number. They are so pretty, and so many different colors!

“Even when our prayers have no words, God is listening.” This is from the Calhoun Christian Church.

Happy birthday to Bella Marie Willis! Bella will be having a birthday on

June 12! Bella is the daughter of Thad and Erin Willis, formerly of Poplar Grove. Thad is my nephew! They now live in Madisonville.

The birds have really been eating a lot at the feeders. Seems I have to fill them almost every day. I was watching them one afternoon, after the shade had reached the feeders. A Blue Jay landed on the top of the swing set that I use to hang the feeders. The Blue Jay grabbed a seed from the tray and then knocked it open on the side of the tray and ate the seed inside. He would grab another seed, break it open on the wooden side of the tray, while poking his beak at other birds that dared come too close to him. He wouldn’t let any other bird land on the tray. He ate his fill, and then took off.

Happy birthday to Shirley Cissna! She is celebrating her birthday on June 7!

I chased the raccoon out of my yard about four times on Friday afternoon! Boy, he can move fast! He must be the Rocky Raccoon that used to come up and visit all the time. He’s a lot bigger than the other raccoons. he’s determined to get the sunflower seeds in the bird feeders! I did have a fence around the feeders but he just climbed up and over it. Didn’t really even slow him down! A friend said that she empties the feeders and takes them inside at night to keep raccoons from getting the seeds. But these critters come at 3:00 in the afternoon!

I hope everyone had a chance to see the solar eclipse early this morning, even though the weather is calling for rain! I also hope that everyone used eclipse glasses to see it!

They have been showing a lot of UFO videos that were taken by military jets, but the “bigwigs” announced that they are not ready to say they are alien visitors from another world. They could be secret aircraft from another country here on Earth. I think either way, since they have been flying since the 1950’s they don’t mean us any harm.

“My prayer today is: More smiling, less worrying; more compassion, less judgement; more blessed, less stressed; more love, and less hate.” This is from Dhar Mann’s daily inspirational message. He also has a lot of short inspirational videos on YouTube. In them, the bad guy or the mean kids always lose!

The Poplar Grove Cumberland Presbyterian Church was formed on November 23, 1870, according to the Session Book I (1870-1895). That makes our church 151 years old! The first log church was in the part of the old cemetery which was the area that was first used as a burying ground. That is where the old log cabin that was used as a community church once stood, which was designated as the Poplar Grove Cumberland Presbyterian Church Cemetery (-Old section). It was written that way in the McLean County Cemetery Book Volume 2. The other section was designated as Poplar Grove Cumberland Presbyterian Church Cemetery (-New section). The section of cemetery across the road from the New Section was just called “the cemetery by the tree”, which fell last year during a storm. Then the Primitive Baptist had their cemetery on both sides and in back of their building.

The recently formed Poplar Grove Cemetery Committee is in charge of collecting funds for maintaining the cemetery. They will also be in charge of selling grave plots. There is a large sign beside the road to the churches that has envelopes in a house mailbox attached to it, with the address for mailing donations.

A college friend, Tom, asked me a couple of years ago if I was afraid of dying. He had just received the news that he had leukemia, and he was afraid. I told him, “No, I am not.” I told him I knew what awaited me when I closed my eyes the last time, and I was ready to meet my Jesus. My family was also waiting, along with all my pets! I talked to Tom for some time, telling him that a person could be as good as gold, but that does not get you into Heaven! Only being forgiven by Jesus and being washed of all sins! You cannot enter Heaven with sin on you! This week, I received an email from a man who said he was Tom’s pastor. Tom had passed on, and he was not afraid in his last few minutes, but was smiling, the Pastor said. Tom had wanted the Pastor to let me know that he had been attending church and he had accepted Jesus as his Lord and Savior and he was no longer afraid!

Everyone is invited to the Poplar Grove Cumberland Presbyterian Church for services this Sunday at 9:45 a.m. Our Elder, Roy Villines, will be bringing the message. Our new Preacher, Wally Renner, had a previous engagement and will be back next Sunday! Everyone is welcome! Drop by and visit us, even if you have not been to a church for a while!

You can reach me at 270-875-5317 and leave a message or text, or at

You can reach me at 270-875-5317 and leave a message or text, or at

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