Jesus’ Valentine message, yours forever! This message was on the Rumsey Methodist Church sign.

I counted the days (who hasn’t?) and we have 35 days left until Spring begins on Thursday, March 21. My daffodils are from 2 inches tall to just barely peeking about the ground. The crocuses aren’t visible yet, but the Leucojums are also a couple of inches tall. The buds on the Dogwood trees are starting to swell, and the forsythia blooms are showing yellow, so they are getting close to opening!

Happy birthday wishes to David Abrams. David will be celebrating his birthday on Feb. 16. Happy birthday wishes to Patricia Richard. She had her birthday on Feb. 12!

Lord, help us be the person our dogs and cats think we are!

Do you know what a bird table is in Great Britain? It’s what we call a bird feeder! If someone in England has a “water butt,” we would call it a rain barrel! A jumble sale is what we call a rummage sale. A boot fair is a swap meet.

I spent Sunday afternoon after church at my nephew’s house and played with his daughters, Bella and Adalynn! Thad and Erin had dinner for us and we ate too much, as usual! Then they had to go outside and ride the dirt bike! Those two girls were riding behind Thad on the dirt bike! After they were worn out, we gave them their valentine candy and toy and each one got a jar of Frog jam! It came from the Big Oak Store in Calhoun! They looked at it and said, “Frog jam! Yech!” No, it wasn’t made from frogs. The ingredients are figs, raspberries, oranges, and ginger, thus spelling FROG! They thought that was so funny. Walmart is not the only place for saving.

Thanks to the ones who sent me the church signs that they had seen. Be sure and check out the constellation of Orion, high in the southeast right after darkness falls. That fuzzy area near the three stars that represent his sword is the birthplace of millions of stars! Most of the planets are barely visible in the earlier morning hours, except for Venus, which is the extremely bright point in the southwest during and after twilight! The most exciting news in many years is that the astronomers heard the “thud” from the “death dance” of two black holes, formerly stars, that collided. It was caused by the gravitational waves when they hit each other. They were “ripples in the fabric of space time,” and it was predicted by Einstein a hundred years ago in his Theory of Relativity. Everyone is invited to the Poplar.

Grove Cumberland Presbyterian Church this Sunday at 9:45 a.m. Do you know where you are going to spent eternity? You have only two choices! Don’t wait until it is too late.

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