The blackbirds and starlings and a few cowbirds have taken over the feeders. I have a couple of aluminum pie pans I bang together to scare them off. They’re gone for a few minutes, which allows the other birds to come in and grab some seeds. Then here they come back!

There are so many starlings! Other people also complain about them. They will swoop in and clean all the feeders out, and our native birds are left with nothing!

The starlings are not native to America, which is why they are such a uncontrollable problem. They come from England, brought by a man in the early part of the 20th century, because he wanted all the birds that Shakespeare wrote about to be here in America. Unfortunately the most beautiful songbird in the world, the Nightingale didn’t survive, but the starling did! The starlings are eaten in their native land, and are considered a delicacy at restaurants. A friend of mine who was in the Air Force and stationed for a couple of years in England said they tasted better than pheasant!

Happy birthday wishes to Jasmine Fulkerson! She will be celebrating her birthday on Feb. 21! She’s a former Poplar Grove resident, and now lives in Nashville.

There are 119 ridges on the outside of a quarter! A dime has 118 ridges! The half dollar has 150! The ridges were made to keep someone from shaving off the edges of the coin, especially when they were made of silver. A smooth coin could be shaven, or clipped enough to make a nice profit, but not enough to make them noticeable lighter. When they started making them with the ridges on them, they couldn’t clip them without them being immediately obvious!

“God is having a family reunion. You coming?” This was found on a church sign in Nashville last Thanksgiving.

Happy birthday wishes to Dara Lynn Ellis Howard who is celebrating her birthday on the 19th! Happy birthday, Dara!

Our heartfelt sympathy goes out to Brother Al Johnson, who lost his brother last week. His brother had been living in Florida and had fallen and hit his head. He had been placed on Hospice, and had never regained consciousness. Sympathy to the entire family.

I have a mentally and physically disabled cat named Rascal, usually called Dufus. His hind legs don’t work in sync with the rest of his body. When he runs across the grass, his hind legs often move in a different direction than the rest of him, and he will tumble head over heels. He will lie there for a second or two, and then attacks the grass like he saw a mouse and it tripped him! He never does realize that if he climbs up on the cabinet in the carport he will fall, because he keeps doing it. And he keeps falling off it. Then he gets up and does the same thing again!

Climate change is affecting a lot of things. The famous permafrost in Russia, which is the layer of ground under the grass that is always frozen, even in summer, has now melted. That is causing glaciers to crack and break. The methane that was held under the ground by the permafrost is now no longer held captive. It is exploding, making large holes in the surface, some of which are 500 feet across. More than that, it is releasing the methane into the atmosphere, which is causing more pollution in the air which is causing more of a greenhouse effect.

Something else has changed because of climate change, which is when many people start getting spring allergies, starting with the many trees in bloom. The scientists say that the allergy season will start about 20 days earlier and last 10 days longer! The pollen will also be heavier and much worse!

We had a lot of ice last week and then snow this week! The snow was too light for making snowmen and the wind was too cold for standing out there making them! There’s a little over four weeks until Spring! I’m ready for Spring!

Everyone is invited to Poplar Grove Cumberland Presbyterian Church this Sunday at 9:45 a.m .We would love to have you! If you haven’t been to church for a while, this is the place to come! We are a small country church and welcome all to worship the Lord. We haven’t had Sunday School for a while because of the virus. We are the white church building, and the Primitive Baptist is the brown building. We social distance and we have extra masks if you forget yours.

You can reach me at 270-875-5317 and leave a message or text me, or at

You can reach me at 270-875-5317 and leave a message or text me, or at

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