With Halloween right around the corner, a site on the Internet came up with the favorite candy in each state, using very unscientific methods. I was interested to see that Kentucky’s favorite candy was the Heath bar! Walking toward the checkout counter in WalMart, and eyeing all the unavoidable counters of candy and more candy, and there’s one filled heaping with chips of all kinds, I did not see a single Heath bar! I don’t think I’ve even had a Heath bar since I finished college, or probably a long time before that! Indiana’s favorite was Dum Dums, and Illinois was KitKat bar. Tennessee’s favorite is Blow Pop! The number one favorite in the entire US is M&M’s, with a close second being Reese’s Peanut Butter!

I heard something down in the woods Sunday night, while I was outside sitting and looking at Mars and Jupiter and Saturn, and watching for falling stars. The sound made me jump for just a heartbeat! Then I realized it was a Screech Owl! They can make the scariest sounds for such a little bird!

While I watching Jupiter, the brightest star in the South, and Saturn, a bit to the left and higher, and Mars in the East, when I heard the coyotes start yelping down in the bottom land around Cypress Creek behind the Poplar Grove hill. I could hear them start on their circuit toward the Ross Road, then over to the Pack area. I couldn’t hear the coyotes after a while, but knew they would wander for an hour or two or three, seeing what they could grab and kill, before they went toward the Poplar Grove Cemetery and then circled on to the big hill and the downed timber where their dens are located.

Eternity is a long time to think about where you went wrong.

They are beginning to use dogs in some airports to check for Coronavirus. A passenger wipes their arms and neck with a damp wipe tissue. The wipe is placed. In an open container and placed in a row with several other containers. The dog takes a quick sniff going down the row, and quickly claws at the container that has the wipe used by the passenger who has the virus! More tests are then given to the person to verify he has the virus. So far the dogs have been 100% accurate.

Jesus can wash away your sins, but you’ve still got to wash your hands.

Our prayers are with Butch Babb. He is doing a lot better and we hope he is able to be at church this Sunday.

We were glad to welcome a visitor, Shirley Lamb, Mary Hancock’s sister-in-law at church last Sunday. We dearly hope she becomes a regular.

Church is who we are, not a place we go. This was on the sign of the First Christian Church of Maryville, Tennessee.

Be sure and check out reddish Mars, which is at its closest point to Earth as it travels on its orbit around the Sun. That’s why it looks so big and bright! It takes Mars two years to make one orbit around the Sun. This week we are coming between Mars and the Sun. Mars will be coming up above the horizon in the East just as it begins to be dark! Also keep an eye open for falling stars! The meteor shower will be occurring over the next couple of weeks!

Many thanks and our deep appreciation to Roy and Cheryl Villines for repairing the letters on our church sign. Some of them had fallen off. The Poplar Grove Cumberland Presbyterian Church sign hasn’t looked so good in many a year!

Everyone is invited to the Poplar Grove Cumberland Presbyterian Church this Sunday. Services start at 9:45 and just put on your blue jeans and t-shirt and come on! Or you can dress up if you like! Jesus loves you what ever you wear!

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