A friend emailed me and said the Monarch butterflies were gathering on the shore of Lake Erie, coming down from Canada. It wouldn’t be too long before they, all of a sudden, lift into the air, and head on their winter migration flight to the mountains of Mexico.

The reports said that there were hundreds of them. There should have been thousands! Ninety% of the beautiful Monarchs are gone, wiped out, in the past twenty years! They have been killed by poison, and destroying the milkweed plant, which is the only plant their babies will eat. And of course people want a flat ugly green yard instead of making a butterfly habitat and letting the area be a haven for all kinds of pollinators and butterflies and moths! I have an area that is full of milkweed plants and other flowers. I have had milkweed in my flowerbeds for years, and this year several have jumped out of the beds and are now beside the beds! There were several Monarchs flying around them, but not as many as there were a few years ago.

Do not regret growing older. It is a privilege denied to many.

A friend was commenting about her insurance statement and wondered why city folks in town had fire hydrants about every city block, but the people out in the country did not. Someone said that forty years ago, the fire truck would get water from a pond to fill their tank, and then have to run to the house on fire, and then run back to the pond, which could have been miles away, when the tank was empty. Now, so many of the ponds are gone or filled in. So the people in the town get better rates on their insurance! They also get better rates if you live within five miles of a fire station! The Poplar Grove community, on Highway 1155, and the communities surrounding and connecting to it, such as Pack, will never have a fire station. We aren’t that important. But why couldn’t we have a couple of hydrants, spread evenly throughout the community, not too far from the churches?

I know some people in our area, and some churches, too, that are important enough to have one!

Fall is almost here! The days are also getting shorter! On the first day of September the day’s length was 12 hours 52 minutes. On September 30th, the day’s length will be 11 hours 55 minutes! We will have lost almost an hour of daylight!

Make sure your address is visible from the highway, in case 9-1-1 needs to find you! GPS certainly is not a good locator! I took a picture with my phone while standing on my back deck here in Poplar Grove, and it said I was in Island, which is a good ways off! The ambulance would never find me!

Is prayer your steering wheel or your spare tire?

Scientists report that they have detected a gas called phosphine in the harshly acidic and furnance-like clouds that make up the atmosphere of Venus, also called the morning and the evening star. This gas is thought to be impossible to make on planets like Earth or Venus without the presence of life, such as microbes! It was first spotted by a scientific team using the huge telescope in Hawaii, and then confirmed with the team using the telescope in Chile. Each chemical makes its own signature pattern, so it was easily identified. More research will be done but at the present time, only Japan has a probe orbiting Venus! But there are only two possibilities: an exotic chemistry we don’t understand, or life, such as microbes!

Pray harder when it is the hardest to pray.

Everyone is invited to the Poplar Grove Cumberland Presbyterian Church Services this Sunday at 9:45 a.m. Put on your sneakers and T-shirt and shorts and come on! We would love to have you!

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