I have seen only three or four Monarch butterflies this year. I haven’t been outside much since it got so hot and humid so I might have missed them. They are on the Endangered List in Canada but not in the U. S. since Trump gutted so much of the List. I found several places where my milkweed leaves have been chewed on, so hopefully there were lots of caterpillars. I have seen more of the much smaller Crescent butterflies, which flits around from flower to plant and barely stays still long enough to see the orange and black markings on it!

My sunflower plants have matured and the birds are really going after them! The Cardinals also will grab a seed from the head and eat it. Then they will grab another one and hop to the top of the old swing set to eat it!

A lady had texted me and said that she had noticed that we gotten the wood siding on the house. Yes, we finally found a couple of guys to help us lift those heavy sheets and get them on. We will be putting a stain and preservative on them later. Now we are working on the inside, trying to get the rooms finished and dry walled. Terry Embry, of Calhoun, took off with half of the metal sheets that we had bought that we were going to put on the outside originally, all the drywall and kitchen and bathroom furnishings that we bought, and $7,000 for the additional wood that was going to build a room to connect the house to the mobile home, so slowly we are having to buy everything again. This is going to be a very expensive house, more than double what Terry first charged us for building it!

“Don’t worry about the people who treated you wrong. Let karma deal with them. Just stay focused on you because so many great things are in store for you. Your blessings are coming.” A text from Dhar Mann.

I received an email from a friend of mine who teaches at the university in Hong Kong. William was originally born in Christian County and received a Fellowship to teach Asian Studies in Hong Kong. He loves it there but usually comes home for the summer break, except for this year. Everything is completely shut down because of the corona virus and everyone wears masks or they are fined. They are on their third wave of the virus. As soon as it seems over and they open up the stores and shops, another wave comes. He said that he had seen that Kentucky wasn’t as bad as Tennessee, but the numbers are rising.

Happy birthday wishes to McEuen Logsdon! He will be celebrating his 21st birthday today, July 30th!

If God is on your side, it truly doesn’t matter who isn’t.

Back in March when the coronavirus was hitting a lot of the states and masks and gloves were hard to find, I ordered some masks and gloves online. It wasn’t until after I had ordered them, that the city whete they were coming from showed on the order form. Singapore! The masks came in after five or six weeks, but the gloves were stuck in California. They had reached Los Angeles, according to the tracking, but they couldn’t be found. Last Friday, July 24th, I finally received them! Four months later! The package was so faded you could barely see my name and address.

“Whoever keeps praying for summer and hot weather, we’re impressed. Now pray for World Peace!” This was on the Middletown Baptist Church in east Tennessee.

Seismometers measure seismic waves from big events such as earthquakes, volcanos, bombs, and so on. They also pick up what’s called seismic noise or ambient vibrations, from things like rivers, ocean waves and human activities. According to a new study by an international team of researchers, Earth’s seismic noise level dropped by an average of 50% between March and May 2020, during the Covid-19 lockdown.

Annual Perseus meteor shower will be taking place over the next two weeks, with the peak occurring August 11th and 12th. The majority of them will hit the Earth’s atmosphere as the Earth turns into the stream of rocks, or between midnight and dawn. But even in the evening you will be able to see a lot. They will appear to be coming out of the North to Northeast. So get your bug spray and chair and go out and enjoy the night sky!

“Exercise daily. Walk with God.” This sign was on a church in Elizabethtown.

There is another sign at the Poplar Grove Cemetery, close to the crosses that are on the property of the Poplar Grove Cumberland Presbyterian Church building. It has a small house mailbox on it with that has the address of the person, Choyce Barnett, who took over Jerry Baggett’s job of collecting the money for the preservation and mowing of the cemetery. If you have any family members buried in the cemetery, you can give your money for mowing and taking care of your family to him or stop by and get his address from the little mailbox and mail it to him.

The Poplar Grove Cumberland Presbyterian Church will be having services at 9:45 a.m. this Sunday. Everyone is welcome. We have masks available if you forget yours. Just put on your sneakers, jeans and T-shirt and join us!

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