If you got up early last Tuesday and watched the show at Gobbler’s Knob, you learned that Punxtawney Phil came out of his tree stump and saw his shadow! That means six more weeks of winter! It was seen live virtually and without the huge crowd because of the virus. The officials there did a bit more dancing and being silly. Usually there’s no room to do that because of the many people. Several other groundhogs across the U. S., and a couple in Canada, did not see their shadow, which means there will be an early spring. But it’s all in good fun!

My cousin, Thea, sent this to me from the Rockies: Jesus loves you and your tattoos.

We got hit by a couple of inches of snow over the weekend. We had to cancel Church because the parking lot was icy, and I’m sure most of my driveway was, too. It was cleared by Monday night, but the weatherman says we may get some more later this week. My cousin in Nevada has two feet of snow, so I guess we better not complain!

Big news for Easter is that Peeps will be back to help us celebrate, after a nine month hiatus! To be honest, I hadn’t realized they have been on hiatus! They didn’t say if the hiatus had anything to do with the coronavirus.

A lady saw this church sign in Dallas: “What part of “Thou Shall Not” don’t you understand?”

Don’t forget Valentine’s Day is next Sunday! Be sure and get your sweetie some chocolates and flowers!

Have you ever seen the movie, “Taking Chance”? It won the top awards at the Sundance Festival a few years ago. It stars a compelling performance by Kevin Bacon. He’s an officer in the military stationed In the U.S. He volunteers to escort a soldier killed in action home cross country to be buried. It’s amazing what happens along the way. It’s very heartwarming, and eye-opening, and you need a box of Kleenex beside you.

Someone sent me an email back in 2009, several weeks after we survived “The Ice Storm”. It was “ten reasons why I’m glad it’s winter.” On the list were: I don’t have to mow or pull weeds. I don’t have to spray on Off! for mosquitoes. I don’t get hot and sweaty just sitting in a chair. I don’t have to worry about snakes or spiders.

There are about five weeks until the beginning of Spring, which occurs on March 20! Hurry up, spring!

Do you know what a bird table is in Great Britain? It’s what we call a bird feeder! If someone in England has a “water butt,” we would call it a rain barrel! A jumble sale is what we call a rummage sale. A boot fair is a swap meet.

I went outside late Sunday night to see how much snow was still covering the car. I was hoping most of it had melted, but of course it hadn’t. The sky was full of bright stars and no clouds in sight, which meant that the temperature was going to be very cold, which it was! But the sky was beautiful! The constellation of Orion, with the three stars in a straight line, that makes up his knife or sword hanging from his belt, was up in the East, with his faithful dog following behind him, closer to the horizon. The eye of his dog, Sirius, is the brightest star in the sky! It’s constellation is Canis Major, the Big Dog. The sky was clear enough that you could see Sirius twinkle in different hues! Orion is being attacked by Taurus the Bull, which was higher in the sky. Taurus’ head and horns look like a “V” shape of stars. They are the easiest constellations to identify in the sky.

“When Gabriel toots, we’re gonna scoot!” This was from a church in Dallas, Texas.

Everyone is invited to the Poplar Grove Cumberland Presbyterian Church next Sunday. The service starts at 9:45 a.m. and everyone is welcome! We have extra masks if you forget yours, and we also keep social distance.

You can reach me at 270-875-5317 and leave a message or at gwillistree@yahoo.com.

You can reach me at 270-875-5317 and leave a message or at gwillistree@yahoo.com.

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