The bright yellow forsythias and wild white cherry trees are blooming everywhere! The sun came out after the rain last week and it seemed to make the blooms open up everywhere!

“I thought growing older would take longer!” From a church sign outside of Houston, Texas.

Hummingbirds have been spotted in states north of the Ohio River, but only a couple in Kentucky, along the Tennessee border, as of last Monday. But they will be here in another week or so. So make sure your feeders are ready to put out. out! The hummers will be headed to their home ground, where they were hatched, but there may be some passing through and stopping for a break and food. If you want to check out the maps for hummingbirds, you can go to (make sure it is plural or it will take you to another site!). You can also try to check out hummingbirds and Monarch butterflies!

The Bible is our passport. Jesus is our pilot. Heaven Is our destination.

We will be able to see the ISS, or the International Space Station, without binoculars or a telescope for the next week of so, until April 3. It will look like a very bright, non-twinkling, moving pretty fast, star. It will be traveling faster than an airplane, and there will be no twinkling lights! It will be the third brightest star in the sky!! On March 28th, it will be become visible at 7:44 PM about two hands high in the Northwest. It will travel in an arc toward the Northeast, disappearing at 7:50 PM.

“Only Jesus could build a road to Heaven with three boards.” This is from the Tumsey Methodist Church.

A new set of Dead Sea Scrolls have been found in a cave on the West Bank. They finders had to repel down the side of a cliff to reach the cave.

“Spend less time overthinking and more time putting your faith in God’s hands.” -from Dhar Mann daily inspirational messages. His videos are on YouTube, Facebook, and he also sends daily inspirational messages.

This is the time of year when the dim Little Dipper juts to the right from Polaris, the North Star. You can tell your latitude by measuring how high up the North Star is in the sky. If the North Star is 37 degrees high in the sky, like it is here, then you are at the latitude of 37 degrees from the equator. The Big Dipper is much brighter and curls over above it, and looks like it is dumping water into the Little Dipper.

Heaven is a holy place where sin cannot enter. You can only enter Heaven if you have no sin. We all sin, so the only way to enter Heaven is to have your sins washed away by the blood of Jesus.

This Sunday is Palm Sunday, when Jesus traveled into Jerusalem on a donkey, and the people welcomed him and placed palm fronds and branches in his pathway. They thought he was going to chase the Romans into the sea and become their king. But “His kingdom was not of this earth”. They didn’t understandwhat He was talking about. You can learn more from a section in a book that has been sold more than any other book in the world. It is called the Bible. The section is called the New Testament. Hard to read? Come by the Poplar Grove Cumberland Presbyterian Church this Sunday, and we will be glad to help!

Everyone is invited to Sunday services at Poplar Grove Cumberland Presbyterian Church this Sunday at 9:45 a.m. That’s the white church with the three crosses beside them. We put a purple cloth, showing royalty of the King, on the middle cross, Jesus’ cross, last week.

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