I have already voted in the November election! I filled out the form for an absentee ballot, received it last Wednesday in the mail. My sister did, also. We filled it out carefully, making sure we signed them in two places, each one clearly marked, and drove to the courthouse and placed it in the ballot box inside the hallway of the courthouse where there used to be a table. The table has been moved and there is a large ballot box there. There were two amendments to the Kentucky constitution, that we had to think about and mark yes or no. It took only a few minutes and no crowds or lines to stand in.

“Angels can fly because they take themselves lightly.” This was from the Rumsey United Methodist Church sign.

Prayers are requested for Butch Babb, who has been in the hospital, and for Tammie Evans, and Jenny Gail Odham.

“With Christ in our hearts, we are never alone!” This was from a church sign that was sent to me from Nashville, but she didn’t catch the name of the church.

It is now officially Autumn! I went out to find some of those Creepy Crawly things, as someone called them, otherwise known as a Woolly Worm! But I haven’t seen any since the rain we had earlier. They are usually crawling all over the place by now. They know that cooler weather will soon be here, and that means it’s time to find a place for the winter!

There is no need to be anxious about anything when you can just pray about everything! -Dhar Mann

The Hummingbirds will be here another couple of weeks or so, and then the ones now in our area which came from the north, will be gone. The hummers which were here all summer have already gone south.

NASA is planning on returning to the Moon in a few years! Thousands of people will be on their payroll, from design engineers to space scientists, to mechanical engineers to janitors!

The Orion constellation rises in the east about 9 p.m. The most noticeable part of Orion is the pattern called Orion’s Belt. It is made of three medium-bright stars in a short, straight row. As seen from our latitudes, Orion appears to be lying on his side — with his Belt stars pointing upward — when he first ascends into our eastern sky in mid-evening at this time of year. Orion’s two brightest stars — Betelgeuse and Rigel — shine on opposite sides of the Belt.

There’s going to be meteor shower called the Orionid shower which will be active from Oct. 2 to Nov. 7, which will appear to be coming from the direction of Orion. But where we will see the falling stars could be any where across the sky, depending on where the piece of rock hits our atmosphere! Think of a globe. If it hits us straight on, there could be a brief flash. But if it hits to the side of the atmosphere, we could catch it out of the corner of our eye and it could last for seconds! So the best thing to do is lean back and just look upward! Most of the meteors will be hitting after midnight, as the earth turns into the “river of rocks,” but there will be plenty to see as soon as it gets really dark. The heaviest night, or the peak night, will be on the night of Oct. 20.

On Oct. 2, look for the glorious evening couple — the moon and Mars — to rise in tandem in your eastern sky around nightfall or early evening. After the brilliant twosome rises, they’ll be out for the rest of the night, traveling westward across the nighttime sky. The moon and Mars climb highest up for the night after midnight, and then sit low in the west as dawn starts to color the October 3rd morning. Mars will be closest to Earth on Oct. 6, as it is traveling on its orbit around the Sun.

Everyone is invited to the Poplar Grove Cumberland Presbyterian Church this Sunday at 9:45 a.m. Just come as you are! No “dressing up” needed! Jeans and T-shirts and sneakers are welcomed.

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