I hope everyone had a safe and happy Memorial Day! After church on Sunday, I attended the Memorial Day Service at the Union Cemetery on the hill in Calhoun. It was a very impressive service, with the Sons of the Union and a couple of others, doing the 3-volley military salute with their Civil War rifles.

During the Civil War the Union Camp covered the hillside and probably extended down into the town a good distance as well. This camp is where the Union soldiers were stationed when they were attacked by a larger number of Confederate and that led to the Battle of Sacramento. The camp was above the Fort Vienna, which still existed during the Civil War. The Fort was made for protection against Indian attacks in the 1780s and earlier. It consisted of at least seven tunnels back into the hillside. The top of the hill was rock, and Green River protected the front side of it.

I hope everyone has seen Darlene Humphrey Baily's "Lest We Forget" on Facebook. She posts pictures of McLean County Veterans and includes a little bit of information on them. Other people sends her the pictures, and she puts them on.

She also posted a picture of military boots, 7,500 pairs of boots, in rows and rows, like tombstones only each pair was touching the next. It was a temporary memorial at Fort Bragg. They represent the U.S. military personnel of all branches who have been killed since 9/11. On each pair of boots was a photo of the person and date of death. There was a young girl kneeling in front of a pair of boots, and she had placed a red and white carnation in one of the boots.

Our flag doesn't fly because the wind moves it. It flies with the last breath of each soldier who died protecting it!

On Monday I was at the Mackey Cemetery Get-Together. We had a nice time visiting with relatives and friends, and checking the graves of the ones gone before, which is what Memorial Day is all about!

People in Hell are there not because God didn't want them. They are there because they didn't want God!

Polaris is the North Star and for thousands of years, sailors have used it to steer by because it stays in one location. It is like the top of a spinning globe. If you are at latitude 40 degrees, (lines that go east to west), then Polaris will be 40 degrees above the horizon, and it will always be 40 degrees high. A sailor can travel here and then and over there, but as long as he keeps Polaris at 40 degrees high, he knows he is on the same latitude and therefore can always find his way home.

But Polaris is not the brightest star. It only ranks 50th in brightness! During the summer months, Vega is one of the brightest stars. That's the star where signals are received from in the book and movie "Contact." It will slowly move from night to night until midsummer when it will be directly overhead!

Everyone is invited to hear Brother Alan Johnson at the Poplar Grove Cumberland Presbyterian Church this Sunday at 9:45 a.m. Brother Al will also be teaching the Sunday School class after the service. If you haven't been to church for a while, maybe this is the time to start going again! We would love to have you! We're the white church on the hill with the three wooden crosses beside it!

Pretend it's Easter and come visit us this Sunday! After all, He's still alive.

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