I saw a honeybee yesterday flying around my clover. I don't think I have seen any this year. They used to be all over the place and on every flower and clover bloom, but since there have been so many diseases and insecticide is everywhere, millions of them have died. When I was a kid, you couldn't run bare footed through the grass for fear of stepping on a bee, and I stepped on more than my share. But the day of many honeybees

see poplar/page a9

everywhere is over. On all the patches of clover that I have, there is only the one honeybee.

The scientists are calling it a mass extinction. There are so many animals that are on the verge of extinction, like the giraffe that is quietly being wiped out by poachers, and two types of gorillas, and the black rhinoceros are being killed because of poachers, and people who just kill them for amusement. Polar bears are in trouble because of climate change. The warming water means the fish go elsewhere and the polar bears starve. The warming water also melts all the ice floes they live on, and they and their babies drown.

The birds have really been eating a lot at the feeders since I fixed it up and put seed back in the feeders, after the raccoon made a visit one night and damaged the fence and the feeders. I was watching them one afternoon, after the shade had reached the feeders. A Blue Jay landed on the top of the swing set that I use for the feeders. The Blue Jay grabbed a seed from the tray and then knocked it open on the side of the tray and ate the seed inside. He would grab another seed, break it open on the wooden side of the tray, while poking his beak at other birds that dared come too close to him. He wouldn't let any other bird land on the tray, but of course they went to another feeder. He ate for a while, and then took off. He's one of the prettiest birds I have at the feeders. Finches and the Indigo Bunting and Cardinals are pretty, but the Blue Jay was the mascot of Sacramento High School, so I have a soft spot for him.

Happy birthday to Shirley Cissna. She will be celebrating her birthday on June 7.

The hummingbirds are also zipping around the clematis vines and the Rose of Sharon bushes I have around the yard. My big purple and pink clematis was cut in two by the weedeater, but there is a little baby one that's growing there from the root, so hopefully in a couple of years it will be blooming. The hummers have been busy feeding and flitting around, but the other birds don't pay any attention to them.

Happy birthday to Bella Willis, the daughter of my nephew, Thad and his wife, Erin Willis. Bella will be 7 years old on June 12. She wants another swimming party, so they have reserved a swimming pool house in Madisonville. A family has the little house, complete with pool, kitchen, bathroom and one bedroom, and rents it out for the day or afternoon.

I was checking out the monarch caterpillars in my garden, on the milkweed plants that I had planted a couple of years ago. The wind had knocked some of them over but didn't break any of them. The caterpillars were still eating on the leaves, just ignoring me. One of them was a big caterpillar, which meant it would soon go somewhere, spin a thread and attach itself to the underside of a leaf. Then it would slowly split its skin and as the skin splits and it separates, the feet is still on the skin that is falling away. Then you can see the chrysalis underneath! It is amazing to see.

I also have some nibbling done on the leaves of my Pipe Vine. It's the vine that has the blooms that look like little curved pipes. There is a Pipe Vine butterfly that is mostly black with some bright blue and red spots on the edges of the wings. It will lay eggs only on the Pipe Vine. That means the caterpillars will only eat the leaves of the Pipe Vine. There is a native Pipe Vine that grows in the woods, but I don't have any of it. I learned about them when I started my butterfly garden a few years ago.

You are invited to the Poplar Grove Cumberland Presbyterian Church this Sunday, services start at 9:45 a.m. It is the white church on the hill beside the three crosses! "I am the way, the truth, and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me." -- John 14:6 (Common English version). Heaven is a pure place. There is no sin in Heaven. Your sins must be forgiven and washed away, or you cannot enter Heaven. You have to decide, one way or the other -- Heaven, or the place no one wants to think about.

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