Several people have contacted me this past week, saying they had not received their Museum News email for the past three or so weeks, and wanting to know if something was wrong. I do not write the Museum News any longer, and I also do not volunteer at the Family Research Center. You need to contact the person in charge of the Museum and the Research Center, Anita Ayer Austill, to see why she has not been sending them out.

I was filling the bird feeders, when the slippery bag of sunflower seeds slipped out of my hands and fell on the ground, spilling most of the seeds. I just left the seeds on the ground, and the birds thought that was just fine! Dozens of Cardinals landed on the sunflower seeds, along with a couple of song sparrows and field sparrows and a couple of Blue Jays flew down, scaring all the others away for a few minutes.

A chick-a-dee has been flying down and grabbing a seed and flying to a group of trees down the hill. She is sticking the seeds she grabs somewhere in a hiding place in the trees, like maybe the crotch of a tree under some loose bark. They will come back later and get it for lunch.

Climate change is even affecting the main shipping route from the Atlantic to the Pacific! The water that is used to fill the Panama Canal and move the huge ships through, is in low supply because of a drought. The lake that fills the canals also is the water supply for the cities nearby. They are planning on building extra lakes or aqueducts.

Sunday, March 29 is National Vietnam War Veterans Day. Public events at The Wall in Washington, D.C. and in many communities around the country cannot take place as planned because of the coronavirus. The Vietnam Veterans Memorial Fund is moving this year’s commemoration online with a live webcast and message of thanks. You can even go to and record a 10 second message on your phone about your veteran or yourself if you served, and send it to be shown online.

The Big Dipper glitters high in the northeast these evenings, standing on its handle. The two stars forming the front of the Dipper’s bowl, which is on top, are the Pointers. They point to Polaris, the North Star, currently to their left or lower left.

Since the schools, and almost everything else, is shut down for two weeks, or maybe much longer, the students are doing their classwork online. Many workers are also staying home and working online. This is a crazy time we are going through!

I contacted my Willis cousins, sons of L.T.A. Willis, who was born and raised in Rumsey, to see how they were doing. Bobby said they were all okay and no one had been sick.

Grocery stores, drugstores, hardware and animal vets are open, but most other places are closed because of the virus. Judy Logsdon’s Riverside Video and Tanning is also closed until further notice. A lot of people are going to be pretty pale when summer starts.

They have also closed Churches because we can worship God at home, even though we miss the fellowship and feelings of joy that we have at Church. The closings also refers to the two churches at Poplar Grove. The Poplar Grove Cumberland Presbyterian and the Primitive Baptist Church were both closed last week, and will probably be closed this coming Sunday. But don’t forget to pray for other people and for this virus to end! Also remember — the day has been well spent when you included God in all you do.

There is a comet headed our way, called Comet Atlas. The comet has been increasing in brightness at a surprising speed! As of March 17, it was already 600 times brighter than expected! It’s closest approach to the Earth will be on May 31. They hope that it will continue to brighten and not fizz out, but we can only watch and hope. Right now it is in the western, or left side of the Big Dipper, visible through a telescope or binoculars. If it keeps brightening, it will be easy to see with just the naked eye, which hasn’t happened in many years!

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