Greetings from Rumsey. Although we should be enjoying a white Christmas, Mother Nature has been having hot flashes and flip-flops are back in order. I am so anxious for the new year and hope 2016 will be a great year for each of you.

I had the pleasure of attending the Kentucky State Festival Pageants last month to watch my local pageant preliminary winners compete. It is amazing to see such talented boys and girls at such a young age, with so much confidence and positive sportsmanship. Congratulations to each of you, you make this county proud.

The annual Livermore Light Up Christmas Parade was a huge success. I was very impressed with the JROTC, McLean County Marching Band, EMT Squad, paramedics, law enforcement, firefighters, Battle of Sacramento, pageant winners, golf carts, church floats, law enforcement and others who participated. The parade was spectacular, and seems to grow each year. Thank you to the volunteers who make these events great.


Kim Sosh, Betty Sosh, Brad Tanner, Vonda Morris, Keplinger Family, Bradshaw Family


Calhoun Christian Church will be having a Christmas Eve Service at 6:30 p.m.

There will be a Charlie Brown Christmas Pageant this coming Saturday in Island. The pageant will be held at the Island Methodist Church. Contact Tonya O’Neal for more details.


Vicki Sallee, Tammy Willoughby, Zach Ashby, Tiffany Dant, Tiffany Sallee, Sadie Tanner, Gunner Bragg, Damon Sallee, Rebecca Tanner, Collin Wilson, Julie Pryor, Kerry Chambers, Jessica Shivley, Matthew Ward, Chase Cobb, Lisa Ayer, John Hardin, Gale Harberson, Toni Myers, Gracie Schindler

Have a blessed birthday.


“Those who anger you, conquer you” — anonymous

Have a wonderful week and remember, Santa is watching.

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