Good day to each of you and like me, I guess you are tired of all this rain. I was just looking at my yard that I mowed on Friday and with a little sunshine, it will need another mowing about Wednesday. I'm not too fond of mowing twice a week. Here I go, a Monday morning and I'm already complaining. Let's just call it venting.

Sacramento Baptist Church begin VBS this past Sunday night, I believe the count for the first night was at 41 children, we are hoping to increase this number each night. The theme this year is "In the Wild" and I'm sure the kiddo's love this. Pray for a good VBS week, spread the word and bring more kids in to enjoy. Also, a reminder of the fifth Sunday singing and cookout to follow on Sunday morning following morning service on June 30.

I was so sorry to hear of the passing of Mr. Eddie Perry, I know he has touched many lives in the area and he and Kathy were a very loving and sweet couple, always smiling in pictures they posted. Our thoughts and prayers are with this family and prayers for Kathy to lean on God for strength and understanding.

Saturday was the 4th year anniversary of the death of our son, Kenneth II, each day and year is a reminder of the void in our hearts at the loss of a son, and the father of 3 amazing children. I talk to Allie on Saturday evening, her first call as she is at Fort Knox for summer camp, she said "Mamaw I miss Daddy so much and am having a hard day" pray for her and her brother and sister, losing your Dad is hard at any age. Having said this is a reminder of Father's Day this Sunday. If you are blessed enough to still your Father with you, enjoy his special day with him and remind him how much you love him, and you Father's know, being a Father is such a blessing, Happy Father's Day to each of you.

This month, June marks the half way of another year, seems like time is forever moving too fast, some say it is an age thing, maybe so and maybe we just notice it more, but I hope you are enjoying the summer break and always be safe, whether traveling our just hanging out at home.

Update on Kenneth, great news to share. He is improving more and more each day. He has managed to teach me how to use the zero turn mower, bought me a self-pulling lawn mower, and trying to teach me how to weed eat, this has not been successful as of yet, was given the idea since he can ride the golf cart very well and has one good hand and arm, he should be able to weed eat while on the cart. Maybe the next step in therapy, watch for this to happen real soon, I don't want to take away all his fun. Thanks for all the prayers and we are so thankful and blessed he is healing so quickly, God is good!

Birthdays to mention for this week, Nikki Christian, Noah Foe, Donnella Igleheart, Linda Coleman, Patrick Clouse, Camry Woodburn, Stacy Lannan, Nancy Nelson, one's that I missed last week, Dena Gaia, and others not mentioned. Happy Birthday to all of you.

Happy anniversary to Mack & Debbie Scott, hope you have many more years of celebrations together.

Continue to pray for those on the prayer list and those that are unspoken, pray for Edna Slinker, James Jones, Jr., Myrtle Parm, Martha Tucker, Donna Corbit, Donna Coakley, Amy Bell, Allie Howard, Kenneth Howard, Phillip Atherton family, Chad Atherton, Don & Monna Hayes, Kathy Perry and family, the Stringer family, Gwen Burden, Shannon Wilborn, Bill & Lois Jones, Eugene & June Davis, Melvin Cabbage, Richie & Becky Smith, Miles Smith, our county and leaders, our Military Men & Women, our country and leaders, our churches and pastors and their families and always for each other. Remember all the unspoken and those in the hospitals and nursing homes, and Sunny Acres.

I wanted to share with you, I was blessed to attend the Revival at the Battle ground pavilion on Friday night and hear a great sermon by the Sacramento Water Works Superintendent, Robert Lindsey, and it was a great time and great to hear him preach. Amy and Rick Woosley also attended and enjoyed very much.

Hope you have a great week and keep praying for so many out there in need of some kind, continue to pray for the VBS at Sacramento Baptist through Thursday evening, start at 6 p.m to 8:30 p.m.

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