Good morning and believe it or not, this is the last week of January, yes and moving forward to February. I know you feel the same as I do, winter as we have known it has been mild and acceptable to all of us. Of course, some of us complain no matter what but as for me I fell blessed and thankful for the weather thus far. I maybe singing a different tune in February and March, but as for now I am happy. It has been a busy and okay week past. We seem to be doing great around here, just trying to avoid all the bugs out there and hoping we do just that, avoid!! Here’s wishing the same for you.

After church yesterday, Kenneth and I went to Madisonville at the Barnett- Strother Funeral Home to visit with the family of Claudie Conrad. Mr. Conrad passed away on Thursday, Jan. 23 at his home. Our thoughts and prayers go out to the family, his sister, Mary Brown and all his friends. Keep them in your prayers, thoughts to all that has lost a loved one or friend this past week.

I am so glad to report, Rick and Amy Woosley have returned home safely from a relaxing cruise. We are all glad they had a good time but so glad they are back, I know Lowe’s has missed Rick, and it is beyond words how much we missed Amy. Hope you are both rested up and ready to pick up the work load we have left for you. HaHa! Glad your back.

Great day at Sacramento Baptist and we were all rejoicing in being a witness to the Baptizing of Brother Wendell and Becky’s two grandsons. It was a powerful thing to watch, Grandfather baptizing Grandsons. If you missed this, you missed a great happening in our church, it was also great to have the Wood family in our church. Following was a great soup meal and special round the table service.

Another reminder of the Souper Bowl at Sacramento United Methodist Church will be this Sunday, Feb. 4 following the 11am worship. Bring your best soup or chili and compete to be crowned ‘THE BEST.’ The Emergency food bank will be open on Thursday, Feb. 13 from 10am to noon. For more information about things going on in the life of Sacramento United Methodist church, you can look on the website or Face Book group. or

The Sacramento Cumberland Presbyterian Church invites you to LCWM Meeting on Jan.27 at 6:30 p.m. Watch for all the upcoming events in your church bulletins and participate and attend when possible.

Again the Ladies Bridge Club met at Blue Jay Café and the winners are: 1st Place-Ruby Rickard, 2nd Place-Elaine Revlett. Congratulations winners and always happy to hear from you and wishing all of you a great week and prayers for you and for those not able to play at this time. All of you continue the game you love to play.

Happy birthday to Kassandra Mincy, Samantha Vick, Rick Creager, Sarah Cessna, Kelly Moore, Andrea Blackburn Knight, Kelsey Rea Woodburn, Brad Hall, Alan Woodburn, Savannah Frailley, Mary Lou Rickard, Montgomery Wright, and all others celebrating this week.

Happy Anniversary to Brian & Emilee Miller, wishing you many more years of togetherness.

As this month comes to an end, the City of Sacramento will hold its City/Commission meeting tonight, this being moved to the 4th Monday, due to the celebration of MLK day on the regular meeting of the 3rd Monday. This being the beginning of a new year, 2020, our annual audit will be presented this month. The February meeting will be on the 4th Monday, Feb.24 with the celebration of Presidents Day on the 3rd Monday. This meeting is always open to the public for all your input and suggestions of “Making Sacramento Great Again” We need your help to accomplish this. Hope to see you there in hopes of doing what is best for you.

Here is the list of our pray list for this week and continue to pray for all. Prayers for Monzel & Edna Slinker, Troy Slinker, Mike & Maxine Woodburn, Norvil Zackery, Hayden Grey, James McPherson, Brenda Schindler, Anna Mae McElwain family, Maggie Dukes Bartley family, Katie Priar, Doug & Shelia Stewart, Mark Rickard, Roger Daughtery family, Dana Sinnet and family, Linda Green, Virginia Lois Barnett, Anna Marie Covington, Easton Browder, Jimmy & ross Adams, Matt Coogle and Heather, Kathy Owen, Alice Fulkerson, Carson Bevil, Wimot Ashton, John Wells, James Jones,Jr., Martha Tucker, Donna Corbit, Keith Wiggins, Keith Cissna, Ann Igleheart, Bobby Thomas, Charlie Bates, Edna Bates, Dale Burden, Connie Pruden, Kaye Devine, Donna Coakley, Myrtle Parm, Richie & Becky smith and family, Ted Walker, Darlene Hoagland, Megan Miller, Barbara Wiggins, all the nursing home residents, Ruth Lucas, Jaedon Hampton, all the shut-ins, all the Military Men & Women, our Country, county, and cities, and always for each other.

Hope you have a great week, Kenneth is doing very well, he sure stays busy taking good care of me, he made homemade sausage last week, 87 patties, and today he is busy in the kitchen making a banana pudding, he is one in a million and I am so blessed to have called him “my husband” for the past 50 years and now working on forever. Thank you for all you do, I love you and thankful you are my rock. All of you stay healthy and happy. God Bless!

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