Good morning! Can you believe this is the middle of August? Here it is time for school and the State (Governor) has issued the virtual at home classes. I know this is a hardship on a lot of parents, especially the working ones. I want to repeat to those that do not have WIFI or internet, White Cloud Cable is providing free service at the old fire department in Sacramento. Just drive into the parking lot and you should be able to use this free service. If you have problems let them know at City Hall. It is a metal and block building but with to garage door open, I am told it will work. Give it a try if this is a problem for you. We want to make the internet available to all the kids here in Sacramento. Let me know if you need help. Call me at 270-736-9161 or city hall at 270-736-5114. Wishing all the teachers, parents, and kids a good back to school for these months and hopeful the virus cases will continue to drop and everyone in back in the classrooms real soon.

Sacramento Baptist Church provided 40 sets of headphones, 37 packs of pencils and 37 packs of graph paper to the 4th and 5th grades at our elementary school. The reason I am not reporting on the Methodist and CP churches, they are not providing bulletins for outside the church. This virus has sure changed the way we knew as normal, so sad this is the new normal. I have said to several, the new fad now is “Oh I really like your mask” I am happy we are able for in house church but missing all those we don’t see.

I want to say to those that read the Sacramento News Article in the McLean County Paper, this will be the last article I write for the paper. There are many reasons for this decisions why I have chosen to stop writing this. After 14 years I feel I have begun to think of it as a job instead of enjoyment in sharing the things going on in our city, birthdays, anniversaries, pray list of those we know and care about, the events of our churches and the Ladies Bridge scores, and much more. I hope you understand and know how much the years have meant to me. If anyone is interested in taking this on and writing for Sacramento, you may contact the McLean County Paper or the Messenger & Inquirer. Please continue to pray for our country, state, county and cities and for each other.

Happy birthday to: Tyler Marks, Mary Browder, Marie Ellis, Don Hayes, Amber Michelle (McDonald) Slaton, Kenny Gossett, Tare Woodburn, Jenni Nelson Hale, and any others celebrating a special day this week, hope each of you have a great day.

Happy Anniversary to Jerry & Mary Browder, hope you are blessed with many more years together.

Congratulation to my neighbor John Lindsey on his marriage to Lindsey Adams on Saturday, August 15th at the House at the Battle land. It was a very pretty day and we wish the couple a long and happy marriage.

I also want to once more thank Sacramento Deposit Bank and Magistrate Joey Lowery for the donation of a bench for the Cities Pocket Park/Walking Trail. The City is so happy to provide a place for you to walk/exercise and a place for families to gather and we are happy for the beautiful place it has become. We are asking each of us to take care and keep it as a clean and neat place for all. Writing with chalk on the walkway is expected but please refrain from letting the kids use the chalk on the fence and benches and picnic table. All there is ask is “Leave it as you found it” Thank you.

Again, this will be the last Sacramento News I will be writing for the McLean County News. God Bless all of you!

The Sacramento column did not appear in last week’s paper, below is information from that column:I hope you all enjoyed the McLean county news article on the Sacramento Pocket Park/Walking trail, like we have said it is still a work in progress. There are hand rails to be put on the walkway to the entrance from the Oak Street side, a couple of trees and maybe a couple of flower pots. Having said this, we would appreciate if everyone would use this daily and we ask to be considerate of the property and benches and such. Please no calk writing on the fence and benches and picnic table. The walking trail is no problem, we know the rain will wash it away, the benches and table are made from recycled tires and not as easy to remove, everyone enjoy and help us keep this a great place for all. We are all very proud to have a place to safely walk and have fun with the kids.

Report from Mrs. Janey’s Bridge Club for Aug. 5. 1st Place goes to Ruby Rickard, 2nd Place goes to Helen Rickard. Congratulations to these and the best to all of you playing your game. Hope each of you are doing good and staying, WE always look forward to seeing who is wining and having a great time together. Prayers for all of you and for those not able to play at this time. God bless you!

I’m missing all the prayer request for this past week, so please continue to pray for all those on the prayer list at your church and all those you know about. Pray for those affected by this COVID-19 Virus and other sickness and suffering at this time. Pray for our churches, Pastors, Country, State. County and all the leaders. Let all of these be mindful that God is the only answer to all the problems we are facing these days. Pray for all the Military Men and Women and their families. Pray for the Doctors, nurses, all the first responders, those working the hospitals, nursing homes, Sunny Acres residents and workers, keep all these and your families and friends in your thoughts and prayers.

I would very much like to hear from you and to share your thoughts, events and happenings in your lives.

Birthday wishes include: Gay Ellis, Jerry Browder, Derek Boyken, Gina Butler, Liam and Sean Shaffery and Aaron Worthington (grandsons of Bob & Judy Worthington, Mark Malloy, Lannie Bolton, Megan Ann Albin, Freddie Adkins, Rudy Howard, Jeremy Lindsey, Shawna Marie Thomas, Kevin Ray, Glen Arnold, and all others celebrating, hope you have a great special day.

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