Good day to everyone, looks like another gloomy/rainy day for a Monday to start the week. I believe you feel the same as I do, enough rain already, but one thing is for sure; we cannot say when it will stop. I am not happy with the looks of my yard, but to mow the grass will sling a lot of water with the grass. We will take care of that when it’s possible. It is also time to pick tomatoes and make salsa, it is too wet to get in the garden, so that project will be on the waiting list, also.

Kenneth says the cooling off and less humid is because he has finished our fence in the hot and humid weather. We are so proud of the work he did, building our fence. We are enjoying it very much. This is not a “because of a neighbor fence” it’s just something we have wanted for a long time and finally found the time and funds to make it happen. We have had a lot of comments and hope it is acceptable.

Seems there are so many families losing a loved one or friend lately, sending prayers and sympathy to the family of Becky Smith, she lost a Sister this past week, others are the Deason family, Doug Miller family, and others in our county and surrounding counties. We know God has his plan but the sadness is there. God bless each family.

Congratulation to Derek and Whitney Browder on the announcement of a baby girl coming to their family. Congratulations to Nana, grands Jerry and Mary Browder, Mom, Dad, and big brother, Easton. Prayers for all of you and a lot of best wishes.

Mrs. Janey’s House Bridge Club met on July 29 and reporting the winners for that day, 1st Place-Ruby Rickard, 2nd Place- Elaine Revlett. Congratulations to both of you and so glad to know you all are still getting out and enjoying the game you all love. Prayers for all of you playing and for those not able to at this time. Ladies, have a great week and look forward to hearing from for next week’s scores. Take care.

As I have mentioned in past articles, the City of Sacramento Pocket Park/Walking Trail is reaching a completion. We are still saying it is a work in progress. The benches and picnic table arrived and thanks to the City guys, they and put together and on site. A walkway on the Oak Street side is in place, waiting for hand rails to be installed, there is an entrance is available from 3rd Street. As you know from my posting and bragging, the City is proud to have this for your use. Enjoy and stay tuned to more improvement.

A great sermon on Sunday morning at Sacramento Baptist, the split service is still in effect and is working well, except for missing the faces of younger folks. Prayers for all that are able to attend and on the prayer list.

Continue to pray for Mike and Maxine Woodburn, Dean Miller, Don Hayes, Dana Sinnett family, Cliff Castell, Davin Revelett, Gwen & Gary Allen, Mack Scott, Paul Wellyard, Linda Fulcher, Judy Smith, William McDonough, Rick Horton, Bob Dooley, Jimmie Rickard, Kim Rager, Sammy Conrad, Jason and Noah Stringer, Lin and Freda Stringer, Heather Bridgman, Emma Patterson, Family, Charlene Sturgill, Zachariah Dalton, Shane Rickard, Ryan and Tabitha Groves, Daniel and Megan Duda (going to foreign mission field), Dak Irvin and family travels from and to foreign field for Mothers’ memorial service, Mary Edith Johnson, all the Military and Families, our churches and Pastors, all those battling the virus or other illness, our Nation, Country, State, County, and all leaders and always for each other.

Birthdays this week, Debbie Thaxton, Gay Ellis, Roxanne Payne, Crystal Baker, Pam Rowe, Frances West, Sharon Anderson Walker, Barry Zoellick, Michael Nall, Jeremy Lindsey, Freddie Adkins, Rudy Howard, wishing all of you a special day and many more.

I hope you have a great week and stay safe, God Bless.

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