Well, here we are starting the New Year of 2021, I know prayers are going up by a lot of folks that this will be a year to bring about a better one for all of us. We sure need to pray for each other and for our country to and leaders to put their faith in God and trust he will change our lives. We know this pandemic is getting worse and I pray these vaccines will protect us and put an end to the spread of this horrible virus. I feel, for myself, that turning off the news and stop reading the gloom, I am better off and have much better days. I hope all of you had great Holidays and ready to move forward in our New Year.

Kenneth and I was able to visit with our daughter in Tennessee for a few days last week, we celebrated New Year’s Eve, her birthday and their anniversary in one visit. That was a great time and so proud to see them and enjoy some great quality time out of our house. We continue to be very cautious of staying safe and following all the mandates of the virus. We were thankful of the good time we had. Hoping you enjoyed all the family holiday fun.

I am sure everyone was glad to get back to work, back in a routine and seeing fellow workers. The City of Sacramento is ready to look for ways to improve our city and provide the needs of our residents. There is always a need for funds to accomplish anything and I will be out there searching all avenues for such funds. I know these are limited but never hurts to look and ask. I value your help and suggestions as needs arise, we as a Commission and Mayor will do what we can to provide these needs when we can. We will all keep thinking of a way to improve this year.

Sacramento Baptist is still holding services on Sunday at 9 a.m. and 10:30 a.m., the service is available on Facebook live at the 10:30 a.m. service. The Wednesday night prayer service will resume on Jan. 13. I am so ready to have in house services and all of us come together again. Keep praying this will happen soon.

Sacramento Methodist Church is having in house services each Sunday at 11 a.m. in the HOUSE building as the main building will be undergoing repairs from the lightning strike a few months back. Their services are also Facebook live each Sunday.

I want to say how happy the City of Sacramento was to aid in the purchase of items much needed for our MGP Elementary School and huge thanks for the “Thank You” placed on the schools marquee sharing with all our community. This was a joy for us to be able to help our school. Our hope is we were able to make life for the school, students and staff much better. So thankful these funds were available to assist them.

Birthdays to mention for this week are: Jenny Hopkins, Frauline Walker, Kennedy Davis, Elijah Dunn, Justin Adkins, Kenny Lee, Charlie Beth Wright, Emilee Miller, Tyler Logsdon, Miles Smith, and all others celebrating, Happy Birthday.

I have no Anniversaries to report, if there couples celebrating this week, Happy Anniversary to you and many more.

Also, please continue to pray for all those on the pray list and those in hospitals, nursing homes, effected in any way by the virus or other sickness. Pray for those in need of anything, I hope everyone is staying safe and protecting yourself the best you can. Take care, have a good week and as always pray for each other. God Bless!

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