Good Monday morning to all, I hear you, and we know it could be better. But watching the news, makes me give praise that we are better off than some states. May not be what we want to hear, we just need to keep praying that this will soon be history and our country will survive. We all know that God is in control and will bring us through this. Not being able to go to church, I watched a few on face book and all the message are clear, we need to turn all of this over to him and pray, pray, pray!! I ask all of you to comply with the business that have to be open, and not to be greedy, I hear all of this going on and just hope those of you that are need, will find for that need. Just be safe, as you know Sacramento City Hall is closed to foot traffic in the lobby, this is for your protection and the employees. Comply with these and keep all safe, we just have to follow these rules and stop the spread. I thank all of you that are abiding by these to help keep us safe.

Praying this will be over soon and life as it was will return. I’m not sure this article will be in the paper this week, the message on the phone for Monday delivery is to go online to read this paper. They may have to stop delivery for the sake of the drivers that make the deliveries, Not sure what will happen.

The sunshine is a blessing today and Kenneth is taking advantage of this and mowing the weeds and some grass. It is a little cool for me to be outdoors for long, but the smell of the fresh cut grass is very welcome. I know you feel the same to get outside and some fresh air, just take precautions.

Not a lot of new information to give, not a lot happening with all the closings. With Blue Jay Café closed for dining in, the Ladies Bridge will not be playing because of this. When they return, I will be happy to report on the winners. Ladies be safe and take care.

Birthdays to mention are: Reba Hinton, Kara Miller, Kristi Brantley, Traci Cissna, Steven Payton, Russ Carter, Brenda Igleheart, Jonathan Holskey, Isabella Deaton, Madison, Bailey and Cole Igleheart, David Hall, Jeremy Roberts, Jenny Reno, and others you know celebrating. Hope you had a great day.

Happy Anniversary goes out to David & Evie Huff, and Bro. Tim & Kay Roberts. Hope each couple a great one with many more to come. Congratulations.

Once again I ask that we pray for our World, Country, State, Counties, and Cities. Pray for all the leaders that they make the right decision that is best for everyone. Pray for all those that are affected by this Coronavirus and for a vaccine will be available and medicine to cure those already affected. I haven’t received the bulletins from the churches to mention all the names from the pray list, remember to pray for the one’s you know about and for each other. I have mentioned that now is a good time to do some in depth cleaning and finish painting all the woodwork but the response has not been what I wanted, so I just smile and set down. All of please take care and stay in if possible. If I can pick up meds, food or essentials, please let know, I will help where and when I can. God Bless!

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