Good morning, sure hope all of you keep being safe with this huge topic of the COVID-19 virus. Right now that is the utmost conversation on everyone’s mind. I know we are all concerned and I hope all of you remain practicing the distancing and wearing a mask when away from your house. I had to get some relief from the indoors yesterday and repotted some flowers I’ve had for some time, I put a mask on and enjoyed the sunshine for a while. I love Kenneth very much but he and Gun Smoke go a long way. I sure hope this is not our everyday normal from this day forward. Sacramento is saddened once again in losing one of our own, thoughts and prayers go out to the family of Ms. June Hill. Our prayers is for all the family and know they are blessed in knowing she is at peace. And to the ones in McLean who have tested positive for this silent killer, our thoughts are with you and your families. Seems we are doing all we can possible do and we are still at risk of getting this virus, again please be careful and practice all the rules and mandates given to us by the leaders of our Country, State, County, and cities.

Yesterday (Palm Sunday) Kenneth and I watched three churches on Face Book and drove the golf cart over to Sacramento Methodist Church parking lot and listened to Bro. Michael Deaton, give the message through song and scripture. At the closing of this, it was announced he and his family will be leaving Sacramento and going where God and the church tells them to go. They will be missed by all of us but we know they will be welcomed with open arms as we all did here in Sacramento. We pray for a Godly transmission wherever they God. We feel we are losing a family but will always carry them in our hearts. I hope you are watching church on the media during this trying time. We enjoy our home church, Sacramento Baptist and plus to tune in to others.

I want to send a big shout-out to all the Ladies of the Blue Jay Café Bridge Club. I miss hearing from you and sending prayers and hugs to each of you. Be safe out there and know I am thinking of all of you.

I sure am missing all the names on the prayer list at our churches, I am sure you are all familiar with these and will lift them up in prayer. Some I know about are: Lin Stringer and family, Monzel & Edna Sinker, James Jones, Jr., Mike & Maxine Woodburn, Dean Miller, Ann Igleheart, Keith Cissna & Traci, Steven Beals, our County residents, Myrtle Parm, Bro. Wendell & Becky Wood, all the church pastors and the churches, those in our county that have tested positive, those numbers are small but only 1 is not what we want. Pray for our City employees, they come in contact with most of our citizens, and do their job without complaints, pray for all the City employees in McLean County, those in nursing homes, hospitals, and all the caregivers and first responders. They are Hero’s to all of us.

A shout out to the workers at the Help Office, God’s House of Hope, and the Senior Citizen program and the workers. You are also Hero’s. The Help Office in Livermore is need of monetary gifts, food, and volunteers. I would love to be there to help but my children seem to be my boss and have ordered me to stay at home. We have Face Time and I’m sure they have a tracker on my phone to let them know where I am 24/7. They say they need us around so they can boss us around. Gotta Love Them!!!

Some birthdays to mention this week are: Sophie Nguyen, Landon French, Lori Beals, Jaden Dukes, Wendell Miller, Becky Smith, and all those celebrating their special day.

Happy Anniversary to Joe & Nancy Nelson, Bob & Judy Worthington, hope you are blessed with many more years together.

Seems all our time and thoughts are on the virus but with the faith we know we will come out of this and who is in charge. Please continue the safety rules we are given and keep praying for our neighbors and each other, again, if I can be of any help, let me know, I will do my best. I want to remind all of you about the mini Food Pantry located at the City of Sacramento parking lot, we ask to ‘take what yo need give what you can,” we hope this will help someone out during all this chaos, there is also and mini Library to give you some reading material to help pass the time.

Just keep the faith and trust, and we will get through this together. God Bless!

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