Good Monday morning, May 18, 2020, another raining start to our week and looks like a full week of rain. I’m sure like myself, your thought is, “we’ve had enough rain” for a while. I’m thinking as long as the temperature stays as it has been, enough rain it is. But, we don’t control that so we’ll do the best we can. Saturday was not a total washout, Kenneth washed my car and his truck, they were way over due, looks really good and here comes more rain. That’s the way it happens, so smile and let nature do her thing.

I saw good news this morning, Kentucky reported no new COVID-19 cases yesterday, we are thankful for that. I am also pleased to the fact some things are opening up for business, factories are calling people back to work and in some places you can go set for a meal. I do hope we continue to be cautious of the rules and respect them so we can move forward to a little more normal. Enough of my report on this subject, just sharing my thoughts with you. Stay safe and wear a mask when in public places.

Once again we had the drive in church services at Sacramento Baptist, and a day to honor the High School graduates, we all wish them a great future as they began a new chapter of their lives. Hopeful we will begin in house church on May 31st. with 2 services on Sunday morning. First will be for ages 60 and above, then 59 and below the second service. I will have more detail on the beginning times next week. We are able to watch and listen in to other churches by way of Face Book each Sunday as I know you are, too. Looking forward to when we do in house services, really miss the faces each Sunday morning, but better than nothing through a vehicle window.

Today the Sacramento City Commission will host the first ever live stream (Face Book) meeting from the Sacramento Fire Station, there will be more room for us to spread out (6 feet apart) with it being closed to the public. Hope you will watch and share your thoughts as long as we have to meet this way. If you have questions during this closed lobby time just call the City hall or myself and we will help in any way we can.

A reminder of the Mini Food box at City Hall for your needs each day and especially during this pandemic. The Help Office in Livermore is open to serve you the monthly food allowance for the family, watch the papers for other local help areas.

We were happy to visit with Allie a little while she was here over the weekend, she is all grown up and has her own life now, Mamaw and Pop gets moved to the lower part of the list of places to hang out. We do enjoy what time we have and continue to be proud of where she is and the path she has chosen, we pray for all the young people out there beginning new chapters and new lives, stay focused and keep the faith, you will be great.

Birthdays to mention are: a drive by party for Noah Stringer on Friday happy 5 years, the Brown family has several this month: Levi, Sue, Danny and Tony, Lin Stringer, Tim Sinnett, Bubby Level, Blake Frailley, Luke Gaia, Leah Marks, Glenn Underwood, Eli Holskey, and all others celebrating this week. Hope all of you have/had a great day.

I would like to hear from you and share birthdays, anniversaries, and other events going on as we are trying to make the best of the new rules of our daily lives. Reach me at 270-736-9161 or email me,

A few names to add to the prayer list I’ve heard about this week, prayers for Mason Aldridge, Lin Stringer, Kim Lindsey and family, Mack Scott, Dean Miller, June & Eugene Davis, Glenda Stroud, Ann Igleheart, Monzel & Edna Slinker, Jimmy Campbell, and the hospital and nursing home patients, the first responders, nurses, doctors, all those affected with this virus, all our churches, pastors, county, country, state and local workers and all those you know of. I must say also, we must pray for United States and leaders.

If any one living in the City limits of Sacramento is interesting in running for commissioner the dead line for this June 2, applications are available for pick up and return to the County Clerk by June 2, the fee for filing is $50 plus 2 signatures.

I hope you have a good week, stay safe and check on loved ones and neighbors. God Bless!

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