Hope all of you are enjoying this beautiful Easter Day. It is as close to perfect as it can get. We enjoyed being at church on the Easter and hearing the sermon from Brother Wendell and holding close the meaning of it all. Hope you were able to be the church of your choice. Hope everyone enjoyed a great meal and family fun, hiding eggs and maybe getting a nap. The meal and nap describes the happenings at our house. Sure is good to see the sunshine and feel the warm temps. Looks like the beginning a great week. We are all excited to see the trees began to leaf and have blooms at the walking park. Hope you enjoy them, also.

Sorry that I didn’t have an article last week, I’m not sure what to write for the time being, seems there is just isn’t a lot going on and not to bore you on what Kenneth are doing. Seems all we do is work around the house, and yes that is quiet boring. Kenneth has been building a replacement Mini Pantry for city hall. Seems the one we have is began to weather and needs replacing. He has worked daily to get it complete and put up soon.

Seems the news on the COVID vaccines is amazing, glad to hear so many already have their 2nd vaccine, maybe and hopeful this will help the lowing of cases in our county and cities. I’ve heard some with mild side effects and these didn’t last very long. Also, hearing if this happens the vaccine is doing what it should do to prevent severe case of the COVID. Keep praying this will be the answer we have been hoping for.

The Sacramento Masonic Lodge #735 wishes to thank all who came out to support the fundraiser breakfast last week. They were happen to see all you and again, many thanks.

Kenneth and I were happy to have our grandson, JK and his friend, Nicole visit us for the weekend. They are not able to come in very often, with work and other busy things, but we was very blessed to have them and share some time with them. They seem to grow up so fast and get their own lives, time just gets away from us.

I know I have missed birthdays once again, this is the list I have for this week: Nicloe Wengerd, Lewis Johnson, Katherine Cabbage, Becky Wood, Gail Ellis, Jarrod Hardin, and others celebrating.

Happy Anniversary to Rick & Amy Woosley, and Richie & Becky Smith hope you are blessed with many more years.

A of names to lift up in prayer, prayers for John Miler, Jimmie Adams, Debbie Scott, Mary Edith Johnson, Jerry and Mandi Sturgill, Cliff Casteel, Dana Sinnett, Claire Johnson, Mary Dossett, James Jones, Jr. June Davis, a young boy in France, he is the son of Staffon a visitor to Battle of Sacramento, Kim Rager, Dean Miller, Gracie Rager, Betty Riley, Vickie Hughes on the loss of her Father, Shirley “Duck” Drake, Charlie Miller family, Mr. Pinkston, Alice Fulkerson, Forrest Sherrod, Mike and Maxine Woodburn, Paul Willard, Darlene Bowman, Keith and Traci Cissna, Jimmy Campbell, Hugh Osborne, Margo Piewell, Dustin Albin, Darlene Hoagland, Wayne Hall, Karen Frost, June Davis’s daughter, Tammy, Martha Tucker, all the churches, Pastors and families, all those in the hospitals, nursing homes, Sunny Acres residents, all the health care workers, first responders, all Military Men and Women and their families. Let me know if you know of someone to add to the prayer list, we all know there is power in prayer. Hope you have a great week and God Bless All!!

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