Another week to let you know how things are going our way. First I must attest to the announcement of the award giving to our Sacramento Elementary School, it is old news but whether of another mention in case it was missed by someone: The school was named a BLUE RIBBON winner for 2020. Our school was named one of five winners in Kentucky by the U.S. Department of Education. We are all so proud and happy for this to happen for Sacramento. Way to go to all the students, teachers, and staff that made this a reality. Congratulations and well deserved.

I hope it has been a great week for everyone, this fall weather is just about as perfect as it can get. I am very cold natured but I am enjoying the sunny days and cool nights. This is the weather the fall flowers love, my mums are flourishing and I can yours are as well. Looking forward to this month and Halloween, the decision for Trick or Treat at our churches will be on October 31st — 5:00 to 6:30pm in the parking lots with Trunk & Treat. If you will to set up, that will be great! This will all be outside and will follow the rules of masks and gloves to give out the candy. If you don’t feel comfortable doing this you man bring candy to the churches before the 25th and it will be given out for you. We want our children to be safe and to have some fun and enjoyment during this pandemic, everyone’s safety is the most important, so please follow the rules that are mentioned.

Our city is so proud of our newest open for business “Blooms, ETC. on Main street, owner and operator is Amanda Crick. Stop in and see all the fall arrangements, wreaths, and other must have items. You will definitely be excited and return often.

I am still waiting to hear when Blue Jays will be opening, no word yet, but everyone is hoping it is soon. We know all the farmers and early risers miss the hot coffee, breakfast, and a round table discussions. Maybe soon it will be open.

I hope all of you are enjoying worshiping in your church as our normal days are not normal. Sacramento Baptist is back to the two services each Sunday morning, ages above 59 is at 9am, followed by 59 and below attending at 10:30am. We had a great time last week with worship on the lawn and sub sandwiches by Nat’s on Main and the chips and cakes. It was so good to see all of you again.

We are entering the time of year to see a lot of yard sales, most are cleaning out closets and garages, as we stay close to home. I know I am looking forward to getting things ready for my yard sale this weekend, this will be Friday Oct.9th 8am to 4pm and Saturday Oct. 10th 8am to 4pm. Looking forward to seeing you there, I remember hearing “One person junk is another’s treasurer” Stop by see what you can’t live without.

Kenneth has pulled all the vegetables from our garden and ready to prepare it for a new year. We are still having a few tomatoes, red and green, seems these are the best because we know it’s the last of them, we also are enjoying the fried green ones.

A praise to God to share, Sharon Thurman is home from the hospital after a 15 day hospital stay fighting the COVID virus. This shows just how powerful pray is, I know the Thurman family wishes to thank each of you for the thoughts and prayers for Sharon, she is home but still needing our prayers as she rest and recovers from this virus. Also, continue to pray for all the others affected by this COVID and other illness they may have. Prayers for all those on the prayer list and our President and his family and staff. Pray for Jimmy Campbell and my sister, Youlanda, Jimmy is scheduled for surgery on the 16th of this month to correct several blockages in his abdomen and leg. Let me hear from you to mention someone you know to ask for prayers.

A few birthdays to mention: Aaron Patterson, Penny Vickers, Johnna Keplinger, Breanna Frailley, and a Happy Anniversary to Bubby & Denise Level. Wishing all of you a happy special day.

Update on Kenneth’s Mother, Ruth Lucas, she is doing very well and looking so forward to her birthday next month. We are dealing with the fact we will not be able to see her face to face, the assistant living home she is living are not letting an outsiders in. We do respect this, as they have not had a COVID virus case to date. Still it is a sad thing for her and all of us, she will be 100 years young. She says she can’t believe it but looking so forward to it. She says, “God has me here for a reason” we know that is true but we laugh and say “It is to keep Kenneth and his brother in check” maybe so. Keep her in your prayers as I guess we are making plans for a drive around and a window “Happy Birthday wish.”

Have a great week, watch the paper for other events in the county for the Halloween celebration. I’m sure there will something you and your family will enjoy together. Enjoy and God Bless.

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