Here I am again. I want to thank those of you who were pleased to see the Sacramento News in last week’s paper. There seems to be too little to write about anymore, with this COVID hanging around, we all seem to be staying in doing all we can to avoid any contact with this pandemic. My prayer is for all of you that have not been affected to stay safe and healthy and many prayers for those with a loved one fighting to rid this virus and all those that have lost their life and loved ones. We keep hearing “We will get through this together” that may be true but we need to call on God to get us through this. He is the only answer. No, I am not preaching, just a little reminder to all, and we must keep the faith. The number of deaths seem to continue to climb and this is un-imaginable numbers, we sure need to beg for answers and cures from one greater than all of us and science.

I didn’t mean to start off with sad and gloom, but I know this subject is on everyone’s mind, glad to hear our McLean County Schools are opening for in class days, this is a start and hoping it will continue and become the normal once again.

We all had a great day at Sacramento Baptist church with a time for all ages coming together on the lawn for music and worship. A great message from Brother Wendell and special music. This was followed by a lunch of turkey/ham subs, chips, and a Debbie cake. I was great to see everyone we have missed for months, the weather was the greatest. Hope we can do this again real soon.

Hoping you are enjoying this wonderful fall weather, I’m sure enjoying all the fall flowers, especially all the colorful mums. I love driving around looking at the glowing yards and starting of the falling leaves. The temps are falling a little too fast but it is that time. I love the cool evenings but enjoy the sunny days also.

I have had thanks from all of you that missed this article to learn of the sick, birthdays, anniversaries and other events. Since we are not putting out the church bulletins, I am missing the birthdays, prayer concerns and other things that was sent to me by our churches. I would love to receive this information by email to share with you what is not posted on Facebook. But you know that is the means of a lot of our staying touch with family and friends. My email is, save this and I will be pleased to hear from you.

Here are the birthdays I have for this week: Judy Worthington, Ron Jacobs, Brenda Hardin, Phoebe Wren Tindle, (1st birthday), Lauren Hall, Penny Vickers, and any others celebrating your special day.

The list of prayer request just keeps on growing and we want to continue to prayer all that are listed and everyone we know. Prayers for Kelly & Sharon Thurman, Mike & Maxine Woodburn, George & Joyce Woodburn, Jimmy Campbell & Youlanda, Melvin Cabbage, James Jones Jr., all those affected by the virus and other sickness, our churches and pastors, our Military Men & Women, our Country, State, Counties, and Cities. Pray that our country will be healed from viruses, hate and learn to love one another again so we can all live in peace. God Bless and have a great week.

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