Happy Memorial Day to each of you, and hoping you have all enjoyed the first Holiday weekend of the summer. I'm sure the pools are open, yards mowed and most of the summer flowers are in bloom. We are all thankful for the beautiful weather we have been blessed with and a time for honoring all those that have gone on before us and may they all be resting in God's arms. To all the military, first responders, and all others that have gave of their lives so that we may celebrate this holiday and enjoy each other. It is so true and must be repeated, some gave all, we must never forget!

Youlanda and I went the Island Cemetery on Friday and placed a new saddle of summer flowers on our Mom and Dad's headstone. There we met others that were doing the same. I will send a shout out to all those of Island that have passed and to all those that are left to remember them. I mention this because I grew up in Island and seems about all the folks I remember as a child have gone on and it is hard for me to remember the names of the one's left I should know. I wish all of you a blessed weekend and really enjoy each time I see any of you and let you know it brings back many great memories of growing up with some of you and think of you often. This is also true for a lot of folks in Livermore, the school and city I graduated from. As my friend, Charlet Daniels Tindle, say, "we are the old folks from these areas now and are so blessed to still be around. God Bless all of you and yes this includes those of you in Sacramento, Calhoun, and Beech Grove, have a great week.

The Ladies of the Bridge Club at Blue Jay Café were able to get together last week and here are the results of that day, 1st Place-Elaine Revlett, 2nd Place-Helen Rickard. Congratulations to you ladies and prayers for a great week and look forward to the results of this coming week. Take care, each of you and God Bless.

Update on Kenneth, as most of you see him out walking and exercising, he is improving each day. Our pray is for Home Health and Therapy to release him this week and he will continue the ones they have given him to do each day. He is very good about doing what they say, and I see him getting stronger each day. Some have said he should just keep milking this time, watching me do all the yard work, but I must tell you that is not the Kenneth I know. He thankful I am able to do it but would so wish he could take care of all those outdoor chores himself. I am blessed I can still help out and am so proud I am continuing to improve on the zero turn mower each time I use it, but I will gladly give it back to him when possible. Thanks to our son Eddie for coming to do the weed-eating on Saturday, there is something I have no desire to learn how to do. I'm sure I can, but really don't want to, that's a man's Job!! I 'm sure there are women out there saying, it is not that hard, I will just take your word for it. Mowing, riding or pushing, I can handle for now, if you women do all this, I say, "You go girl."

Hope you enjoyed your day at your church of choice on Sunday, we were blessed with a great sermon at Sacramento Baptist, and here are some dates that will be happening in coming weeks. There will be a VBS meeting on June 3 at 6 p.m., Prayer meeting, June 5, Vacation Bible School begins June 9 to June 13, June 1 -21 the Pastor will be working with the Ky. Changers in our area, June 16 we will celebrate Father's Day, June 19 will be a business meeting, June 23-29 will be the Student Mission Trip to Mexico Beach in Florida, June 25 Bible Study at 11 a.m., and June 30, Fifth Sunday Singing and Cookout, will be blessed to hear from Ms. Laney Meredith "American Idol Contestant," you don't want to miss this, come join us and bring friends.

A reminder of the emergency food bank at the United Methodist Church in Sacramento, this is on the 2nd and 4th Thursdays of each month. We have some youth wanting to go to Summer Camp, if you would like to help finance a child going, you can place donations in the Offering plate with the memo, Camper fund. The average camp cost is around $400 per week. For more information about things going on in the life of the United Methodist Church, go to the website or Facebook group, http://sumc-sacramento.faithlifesites.com/ or facebook.com/groups/SacramentoUMC.

I have a correction to make concerning the Summer Feed Program in Sacramento, this will begin on this Tuesday, May 28, and there will be two (2) locations here in Sacramento, Monday thru Friday. This will be at the Sacramento Cumberland Presbyterian Church from 11:30 a.m. to 12:15 p.m. also at the City building (the old fire station) on Main and 3rd streets from 12 noon to 1 p.m. each day. There will also be food available for the youth at the Farmer's Market at the Battle Pavilion each Monday from 3 p.m. to 4 p.m. This program is for all children up to 18 years of age. Parents see your kids take advantage of this program available until the beginning of the new school year. God Bless all that work hard to see this is provided to our children.

I want to send condolences, thoughts and prayers to the families that have lost a love one lately. Prayers for the family of Graham Smith, Bootie Conrad, and Phil Atherton. Keep these families and loved ones in your prayers each day. They will be greatly missed.

Birthday wishes to the following: Kay Creager, Lisa Riley, Nolan Crick, Lavonne, Michelle Patterson, Tracy Bell, Cathy Dossett, Brenda Peveler, and any others celebrating. Hope your day was great.

Happy Anniversary to Donald & Brenda Igleheart, Jimmy & Donella Igleheart, and Greg & Teresa Rickard. Wishing each couple a great day and many more years together. God Bless!

Continue to prayer for all those on the prayer list at your church and others that are unspoken, prayers for Chad Atherton and his family, James Jones, Jr., Robin Harpel & family, David Payton, Ricky Davis, Wilma Wilson, Julie Crabtree, Allie Rickard, Edna Slinker, Eddie Hopgood, Coleman & Glenda Stroud, Ann Igleheart, Keith Cissna, Myrtle Parm, Donna Coakley, Amy Bell, Courtney Peak, Kitty Burden, Don & Monna Hayes, Bill Jones LaVega West, Eddie Paxton, Dean Miller, Greg Rickard, Bobby & Sallye Pinkston, Chloe Melloy, Cole Frost, Ronnie Dame, Miles Smith, Richie & Becky Smith, Jenny Reno, Shelby Austin, Davin Revelett, Kenneth Howard, Allie Howard (Boot camp at Fort Knox), Ruth Lucas, all our Military Men & Women, all the families that are on vacation, may they have safe travels, prayers for a great summer school break for all the kids and parents, teachers, and all school staff.

Something very important to save the date, this Thursday, May 30, there will be a town meeting at the Sacramento MG Elementary School at 6:30 p.m. to hear our pharmacist Dr. J. Gregg Henry inform you about the awareness of what is going on with the pharmacy/drug world, he needs (all the pharmacies) our help in letting Frankfort and the federal government know they cannot continue to rob the pharmacies and make us pay for it. Come out and learn more about how we can help and get a free T-shirt and hot dogs. See you there, tell everyone you know.

Have a great week and be safe, let me hear from you! God Bless.

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