Below are the reported winners from events that took place at Calhoun Harvest Day on Oct. 16.

5K Race ResultsOverall Male — Axel Hollander (24:06)

Overall Female — Darlene Hillard (29:54)

Age Group Winners

Under 10 — Hailey Brooks (36:57)

10-19 — Shelbie Crane (34:04)

20-29 — Axel Hollander (24:06)

30-39 — Tori Ann Zoellick (31:22)

40-49 — Kevin Brantley (27:13)

50-59 — Trina Hollander (41:53)

60-69 — Darlene Hillard (29:54)

Kid Costume Contest

All 15 participants won (Prizes given)

Kids Athletics

All participants won (Prizes given)

4-H Pumpkin & Gourd Decoration ContestGuy Howard

MC’s Talent Show

Ellie Embry, 9 ($100 prize)

Horse Show

No reported information on winners

Greased Pig Contest

Ages 5 and under:

All 12 participants won

Ages 6 to 8 (18 participants):

Lyric Mincy

Ages 9 to 15 (18 participants):

Allie Brooks

Adults (1st round) (4 participants):

Christine Tomes

Adults (2nd round) (6 participants):

Sawlyer Logsdon

Homemaker Quilt ShowWinner was male from Owensboro, name not provided.

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