This week makes five years that we have lived in the Island area. The time seems to have flown by, and we’re happy to be here and involved with the community.

I’m always surprised when someone moves from here to the big city (Owensboro), but I guess that’s because we’ve done our share of living in bigger cities, and we have “retired” from that.

Still loving being 30 minutes away from a large choice of restaurants, shows, events and fests, but I am happy that we can be back home in that short amount of time, too.

Remember that we have several of those things in McLean County, too (events and fests), and please take advantage of them when they come up, so that they continue to happen. And please remember to patronize those restaurants that we have, too, so that they will be around for years to come.

Celebrating a birthday this week is Maddie Crumbaker. I wish you a very special day.

It’s been a super quiet few weeks, so there’s not much to write about. I think everyone’s just been staying in due to the cold. Remember to let me know if you’d like anything added to this column. Thanks.

Reminiscing 30 years ago (Jan. 21, 1993) — Island Elementary School recognized two school contest winners. Christy Crabtree, fifth grade student, won the geography contest Friday. Andrea Tucker, fifth grade student, was recognized for attending the area 4-H talk meet in Henderson on January 9. Andrea received a blue ribbon for her speech, “Kid’s Eye View of Politics.”

And 75 years ago (Jan. 11, 1948) — “The Island 4-H club held its monthly meeting Tuesday, with the president, Sue Hopkins, presiding. An interesting program on community 4-H club activities was conducted by Ann Bowman, vice president, being presented by Yvonne Higgs, Faye Carter, Nell Calvin, Mary Baker, Vinuard Greathouse and Joyce Howell. The Seventh and Eighth grade girls sang a special song. Games were played. Demonstrations were given and announcements made by Leroy Northington, McLean county agent.”

I know I recognize a couple of those names — President Sue Hopkins (Markwell) and Vice-President Ann Bowman (Swift). Island youth definitely have a long history in 4-H! “There is no fear in love.” 1 John 4:18.

Wishing everyone a great week ahead!

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