Tim and my condolences go out to the family and friends of Retha (Conrad) Coke, who passed away last week. Our thoughts and prayers are with you.

Hope everyone survived the strong winds last week. Living next to a field we get a lot of wind; we had something light blow off our porch, and we never did find it. The forecast is calling for possible snow this week. The weather really has been all over the place lately.

In March we (the ICDA) will start gearing up again for the next Wooden Bridge Festival, which falls on September 9 this year. If anyone has any suggestions for this coming fest, please text, email or call me. My contact info is at the bottom of this column.

Those celebrating birthdays this week are Kyle Howell, Melissa Hillard, Matt Head, Florence Ford, Pos Colburn and Valaire Edmonds. I wish you all a very special day.

Reminiscing 45 years ago (Jan. 26, 1978) — By Reta Bates: “The snow has really been beautiful. It reminds me of my childhood in Iowa. Life changes when the snow slows us down. More time is spent with our families as we once again have a chance to do things together. Schools being closed has let the children enjoy sleigh riding, building snowmen and forts and, of course, there is the ever present snow balls flying through the air, as well as a few snow washed faces and necks.

“Have you ever made snow ice cream? We made it as kids and it is very simple. Mix together cream or canned sweetened condensed milk with vanilla and your favorite flavoring syrup. If using cream also add sugar. Pour this over fresh, clean snow that is taken after the snow has fallen for at least half an inch to allow it to clean the air first. Do not use snow that is more than a few hours on the ground, as it quickly becomes dirty.

“Welcome home to Kathy Murch who has moved back here from California. Kathy arrived in Evansville Tuesday, the 17th, and was stranded in Evansville until Thursday night. She was the guest of Marie Howard’s sister until transportation to Island could be arranged. Eric Miller celebrated his seventh birthday with a party on Jan. 10. Guests were Kevin and David Humphrey, Pie Humphrey, Chris and Alecia Nelson, Penny Nelson, Grandmothers Sarah Miller and Helen Stringer; Carol, Guyneth and Jimmy Freels; Shannon Coleman; and brothers Johnathan and Rory, and his parents Rickie and Grace Miller.”

And 40 years ago (Jan. 27, 1983) — “A ‘Remember When’ surprise birthday party was given for Gay Harvey on Jan. 21 by Donna Penrod and Diana Cartwright at Traig Johnson’s arcade. Guests were dressed in remember when costumes and brought gag birthday gifts. Birthday cake, punch, pizza and games were enjoyed by all. Those attending were: Traig Johnson; Bob and Gerry Bragg; Janet Calvert; Dawn Harvey, Opal Harvey; Bruce Moore; Vickie Parham; Donna Penrod; Becky Randolph; Melodye Shocklee and Linda Taylor. Gay reports that the party was a complete surprise to her. She didn’t have even the faintest suspicion of what was up.”

“Jesus replied, ‘Very truly I tell you, no one can see the kingdom of God unless they are born again.’ ” John 3:3.

Wishing everyone a great week ahead!

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