Lady Cougars looking to capitalize on senior leadership

2021 McLean County High School Lady Cougars soccer team

The McLean County High School girls’ soccer team is gearing up for another season.

Ricky Humphrey has 16 years of experience coaching soccer and is beginning his eighth year as head coach at McLean, with some new faces joining his coaching staff.

Michaela O’Bryan Majors, a 2017 graduate of MCHS, played defense for coach Humphrey all four years as a Lady Cougar and has now been hired as an assistant coach. She started playing soccer in second grade and will use her 11 years of experience to help foster the team. Coach Majors currently lives in Greenville and is a special education aide at McLean County Middle School.

Matt McIntosh is joining the staff as a goalie coach. He played soccer for Muhlenberg North High School, graduating in 2003 and has experience coaching soccer teams in Muhlenberg County from 2008-2010. He graduated from Murray State University in 2008 and Southern Baptist Theological Seminary in 2012. McIntosh pastored at Martwick Baptist Church in Central City for over eight years until accepting a teaching position in McLean County last year. He lives in Greenville with his 7-year-old daughter, Livy, and is engaged to Tonya Epley. Coach McIntosh teaches eighth-grade math at McLean County Middle School.

The Lady Cougars currently have 23 players on the roster and are always looking to add more, even after the start of the season. The team has the largest varsity squad to date, including 12 seniors.

There hasn’t been a junior varsity team at McLean in several years, but arrangements have been made to play around 10 games this season since they now have eight players. Normally, at the high school level, soccer is played with 11 players on the field, but a team can play with a minimum of seven. Several schools have agreed to play seven vs. seven, and these JV games will be a good opportunity for younger players to gain some experience.

The Lady Cougars have been working hard over the summer and attended a couple local college camps. Practices have been some of the best in years, according to coach Humphrey.

“The team made the regional tournament for the first time in six years last year, and they are determined to go back,” he said.

While COVID-19 continues to be a challenge for the team this season, with a scrimmage game already canceled, complacency is the biggest problem on the field.

“The girls need to have an attitude out there that just because they are from McLean County, doesn’t mean they are going to lose,” said Humphrey. “This is a really good group of girls with a lot of athletes. They will win several games if they want to.”

According to Humphrey, the team is good enough to compete with some of the traditional powerhouses in the region.

“We hope to not only get back to the region tournament, but make some noise when we get there,” he said.

Come out to the games and support your Lady Cougars!

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