Livermore has its first tourism sign unveiled

Chad Hall and Ralph Thacker, left, unveil the new Livermore tourism sign along with Trail Town Task Force and Livermore community members. The sign is one of nine that will be placed around highways in Livermore to direct people to local parks and tourism spots.

Independence Bank and Livermore Trail Town Task Force unveiled the city’s first tourism sign in hopes of driving more commerce into Livermore.

Independence Bank partnered with the Livermore Enhancement Foundation to provide funding for 9 tourism signs throughout Livermore that will point people on the highways to tourism spots and city parks, according to Ralph Thacker, co-director of the Trail Town Task Force.

The bank invested more than $9,000 to the trail town efforts and unveiled the first tourism sign on Friday, Jan. 31 off of Ky. 431 in front of Independence Bank in Livermore.

“What a boost to our Trail Town Task Force and our efforts to become a certified Kentucky Trail Town and to put people on our biking and paddling trails, and it could mean a new day for Livermore — a new point of community pride,” Thacker said.

Chad Hall, Livermore Independence Bank president, said the bank decided to make the investment after seeing so many other community members and local businesses working to make Livermore better over the last few years. He said the bank hopes the investment will help drive commerce back into the city.

“Independence Bank’s role in this is very small considering the time that Ralph and his team with the Livermore Enhancement Foundation, the Trail Town Task Force, the countless numbers of hours that citizens have put into making Livermore better,” Hall said. “We wanted to be sure that we could help and assist with that.”

Thacker said the investment helps the Trail Town Task Force to accomplish one more step in its efforts to make Livermore a certified Kentucky Trail Town. He said there are still more goals that need to be reached, including gaining several access points along the Rough River for paddle boating, and hopefully putting up roadside signage for bike trails.

“We want to put signage out on the low-use highways to alert people that it’s a bike trail for safety reasons,” Thacker said. “We have some work still ahead of us and we still need some help with funding for these expensive roadside signs.”

Thacker said the task force still needs to hold several more merchant meetings and develop pamphlets for paddling and cycling trails, as well as a volunteer committee to help maintain the trails. The task force also plans to hold trial-runs for bike and paddle trails early this summer., 270-691-7360

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