Livermore RV Park will undergo construction in the next year.

“We’re planning on adding seven new spots …,” said Mayor Jesse Johnson.

The RV park, which is roughly eight blocks away from U.S. Route 431, has been known for its country hospitality, quiet, relaxed atmosphere, shade trees and convenience to other area attractions in Owensboro and Central City. The park also includes a boat ramp, 24-hour restrooms and showers, picnic shelters with grills and tent sites.

The seven spots will be located west of the storage unit inside of the facility’s fencing.

Johnson said that the expansion comes from Larry Leach, city council member and park manager, reporting an increase in demand during the summer.

“(He’s) had to turn away … 100 folks because he didn’t have enough spaces for them,” Johnson said. “It’s an ongoing thing. I don’t know if it’s always been that many every summer, but ever since I’ve been in office, (Larry) keeps me informed.”

Johnson said the expansion will help with the influx of visitors they receive at the park annually, both for recreational and business purposes.

“Every year, we get construction workers that are working on different projects in the area, and they are looking for a place to (stay),” Johnson said. “They can be there anywhere from three month to six months — or longer, depending on the job.

“Just the fact that (Larry) had to turn so many away and, not that we’re money hungry, but we would like to accommodate people as they need the services.”

Johnson said that folks look at other RV parks such as Diamond Lake Resort and Windy Hollow Campground in Owensboro, but that most enjoy the vibe of the city’s park.

“Some of the people that have stayed here at our (RV park) have come back on their own because they like it,” Johnson said. “It’s a nice facility for them. It’s easily accessible to them, it’s … a quiet neighborhood, and the fact that it’s on the river …. We always have good positive feedback while they’re traveling through.”

The RV park is owned by the city, and Johnson said that they have already received approval to move forward with the expansion.

The seven RV sites will all have water, sewer and electrical hookup.

Architectural drafts have been created for the expansion, and Johnson is looking forward to breaking ground on the new construction project once he gets electrical and plumbing contractors on board.

Currently, there is no timeline of when the expansion will begin.

“(It depends) on what the weather is going to do in the next month or so, because this will be all underground work,” Johnson said. “I guess I would say (we will start) as soon as possible, weather permitting that work will start. I don’t have any kind of idea (yet) — we have to line up the plumbers and those kinds of folks.”

In 2018, the RV park was evacuated due to flooding and campers were relocated behind Livermore City Hall. Johnson said that the seven lots that will be constructed should not be affected by normal flood occurrences.

“The flooding would have to be worse than it was in 2018 before these people would have to move...,” Johnson said. “It would have to be one of the 100-year floods or something like that.”

Johnson said that there are additional plans for the RV park in terms of making improvements.

“I would say once we get this in, we will expand somewhat on our playground facility,” Johnson said. “We will have to wait until after this expansion is (finished). We’ll probably plant some more trees later on in the area.”

Once the project starts, Johnson predicts that it will take about three to four months for the expansion to be completed.

“It’s just the matter of opening up the trenches, and we’re not that far away from our supplies on each line that we will be tying onto,” Johnson said.

While Johnson sees that the expansion will be good for the city’s economic development, his focus is being able to give people a place to stay.

“It is an income source for the city,” Johnson said. “We don’t depend on it for our livelihood, but it’s an income. It’s a benefit to us. (But) we’re also offering a service that a lot of folks are wanting to use.

“We’re just happy to see things happening and that people are wanting to come to this area.”

Freddie Bourne,

Freddie Bourne,

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