The Livermore Masonic Lodge #186 and Owensboro Community & Technical College have announced one of their new scholarship recipients.

Noah Mason, 19, from Livermore, received the “Working Tools for Life” scholarship, which offers up to $500 for a technical student to purchase tools and supplies in their respective fields and trades.

The scholarship, based on donations from the masonic lodge back in March, was given to Mason in August when he began his studies at OCTC’s Tech X program — a multi-craft technologist program that invites students to learn different trades, such as fabrication, material handling, machine tools, robotics and welding.

Mason found this program as a great opportunity, as it allows him to be more physical and not necessarily being assessed in a traditional curriculum setting. He had the opportunity to be more hands-on.

Since starting in August, Mason found out about the scholarship through two of his OCTC counselors. Upon receiving the funds, Mason has been utilizing the funds for clothing for his trade, such as boots, pants and other protective equipment.

Mike Rodgers, chief institutional officer at OCTC, said that Mason “earned” the scholarship fair and square.

“The scholarship is set up with a preference given to a Livermore student, but they do not really want to keep anybody from an opportunity to learn, so if we did not have a Livermore resident apply, we had an opportunity to give it to the most needed student,” Rodgers said. “And Noah came in, he knew the program that he wanted to start, he had the qualifications — everything from GPA all the way down basically through to the program and his direction, the skill set he was looking for. And he needed to purchase his personal protective equipment for these classes … and because of that, he was awarded these funds to purchase those materials.”

Rodgers also notes that Mason has shown to be a great recipient of the scholarship.

Bruce Maxwell, senior warden for the masonic lodge, believes that being able to have someone from the Livermore community receive the scholarship is a great thing for the city.

Rodgers also shared an update that would apply to students who may be interested in going into a similar trade.

Maxwell hopes that people who have an interest and talent will look into future scholarships.

“If you have a desire for a set of skills, follow after it,” Maxwell said. “Anything is possible if you set your mind to it. And there’s education that’s available (at OCTC), with high quality from what I understand. ... And if you don’t have the finances to buy it for yourself, that we can provide those for you, then we definitely want to do that for you with a hand-up instead of a hand-out.”

Tad Humphrey, master of the lodge, said that the scholarship can also serve as hope for folks that may not have the hope.

Mason anticipates graduating from the program next May and already has his eyes set on a specific career that he has found a passion for and following one of my family member’s footsteps.

Freddie Bourne,

Freddie Bourne,

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