Livermore City Council passed several resolutions in its regular meeting last Thursday in preparation for renovating the city’s fire station. This will be the first of many steps the city has to take before renovations can begin, said City Clerk Andrea Shelton.

The city was awarded a $500,000 grant in October 2019 by the Department for Local Government to help make the fire station — originally built in 1922-more efficient, inviting, and engaging.

Shelton said the renovations are likely to be a large-scale project for the city and there are many hoops to jump through along the way. She said once renovations are completed, the hope is to have taller bays for truck storage so the city will be able to have a more modern fire truck since the current bay is not tall enough for a newer truck. She said there will likely also be a new kitchen and an upgraded training room.

The changes, she added, are to make the fire station more efficient, modern and hopefully bring in more volunteers to help better serve the public.

“Not only will our services hopefully be better, but also we will have a newer station to make it look more attractive as well,” Shelton said.

Passing the six resolutions at city council last week was just the first step in completing the project. Shelton said all resolutions passed were specifically related to the fire station and do not have much effect on the city or the fire station, but are stipulations for Livermore being able to use its grant money from the DLG.

The city is also required to complete the project by Dec. 31, 2021 as per the terms of the grant, which Shelton said is “a pretty good amount of time to do it.” She said renovations likely will not be started until September at the earliest.

“I don’t expect us to start the actual construction or renovations until probably September at the earliest, just because there are so many hoops that have to be jumped through,” Shelton said. “We have to secure an architect, they have to make the plans, we have to submit bids … and that all just takes so long, so I would look for nothing major to happen until September.”, 270-691-7360

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