Jeremy and Stephanie Troutman celebrated their first year as owners of McLean County Fitness on Nov. 1.

“(I’m) very excited about that,” Jeremy Troutman said.

The Troutmans started offering classes through their speed and agility business, Celerity Speed & Agility, in 2014, when former owner Tracy Arnold asked Jeremy Troutman about buying the facility to have a more stationary facility for their speed and agility business.

“It made too much sense,” Jeremy Troutman said. “So, I went ahead and bought it.”

The Troutmans were not owners of the facility during the peak of the pandemic, but admitted to having some apprehensions about taking over.

“I bought it in October of 2020, which was a little bit nerve-wracking,” Jeremy Troutman said. “We didn’t know how we were going to reboot.”

However, business has been booming.

“Everything’s fine,” Jeremy Troutman said. “Immediately since we took over, membership went up. I think everyone was tired of being in the house.

“Probably, (from) the last time I looked — we have quadrupled business. That’s the thing I’m most happy about.”

Jeremy Troutman has not owned a gym before but got his start working in the gym world as a personal trainer and a strength, speed and agility coach, in order to to help his children.

“I wanted to become certified … for them,” Jeremy Troutman said. “At the time, they were very young, and I wanted to have the official knowledge. I was always an athlete before then, and I had (the) knowledge of what you picked up from this coach to that coach. But I wanted to go and take the classes and get that certification saying that I knew what I was talking about.”

Before becoming owner, Jeremy Troutman started out at Atlantis Gym and Sports Complex in Owensboro and eventually “bounced around” to other places to provide his fitness services such as Daviess County High School and Owensboro Catholic High School. He spent a lot of time at Apollo High School before moving on to do business at gyms in McLean County.

“(The business) didn’t really have a home,” Jeremy Troutman said. “Nowhere to really say that this is my place.”

Jeremy Troutman notes some of the challenges that he’s had to face in the past year as a gym owner.

“We had to learn how to kind of refine gym life,” Jeremy Troutman said. “It’s so important to keep up the cleanliness and (be) sanitary. That’s always something gyms always promoted, but we had to take it to a whole new level when we opened back up.”

Other obstacles Jeremy Troutman faced were being able to get the building up to date and learning more of the business aspects of being an owner of a physical facility.

“We’ve had to, unfortunately, put a lot of money into the building,” Jeremy Troutman said. “It had some needs before that. But other than just the general upkeep, we had to learn how to do business and attract people and draw people in. ...The training part I had — I grew up in a gym. But, it’s trying to get people to come to your gym — that was kind of a learning curve that we got around.”

With the unpredictability of COVID, Jeremy Troutman wasn’t sure how business was going to turn out, but he knew he wanted to follow through with it.

“I had several (people ask) me, ‘Why are you buying a gym at this time? You know, the craziest time in history for the past 100 years, you’re wanting to buy a gym,’ ” Jeremy Troutman said. “...It was always something I wanted to do. I knew the client base in McLean County. I trusted them, pretty well grew up with all of them. ....People always wanted a gym in Calhoun, so I wanted to offer them that.”

Jeremy Troutman said that membership has been rising due to the offering of different classes and sessions, such as speed and agility, HITT training, boxing and barre.

“We’re pretty well busy most of the week out here,” Jeremy Troutman said.

Jeremy Troutman assures that the gym is accepting and welcoming to everyone that wants to better themselves.

“I believe people come in and they think they’re immediately going to be made fun of. That runs a lot of people away,” Jeremy Troutman said. “I always want to make the atmosphere here inviting. ...We don’t have the type of people that push people away. It’s a very inviting atmosphere and people come in and get encouraged. ...It’s a great place to start no matter what level you’re at.”

Jeremy Troutman already has plans for the direction of the gym in the coming years to help athletes looking for fitness guidance.

“I’m wanting to move this gym more into sports performance,” Jeremy Troutman said. “Still have the same access to traditional weights and everything in your traditional membership.”

The gym is open to members 24 hours a day, seven days a week. All memberships have a one-time $20 sign up fee. An individual membership is $32 a month and a family (up to four people) is $45.

For more information, contact McLean County Fitness at 270-313-9931.

Freddie Bourne,

Freddie Bourne,

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