As of Monday, Oct. 11, McLean County has one new confirmed case of COVID-19, according to the daily report generated by the Kentucky Cabinet for Health and Family Services. There have been 1,411 cases in the county, with 38 deaths, since the start of the pandemic.

The Kentucky Department for Public Health reported Monday that the county’s incident rate is 43.4, keeping the county in the red zone.

Statewide, there have been 714,904 positive COVID-19 cases, according to the Kentucky Cabinet for Health and Family Services. There have been 9,150 deaths, and the state’s incidence rate is 39.19 per 100,000 population. Most counties in the state remain in the red zone, meaning high daily cases of the virus, while 17 counties are in the orange (substantial) zone, and two counties are in the yellow (moderate) zone.

Gov. Andy Beshear did not hold his weekly COVID briefing on Monday, but he did take to social media to announce some good news in regards to the Commonwealth.

“...What a great couple of weeks we’ve had,” Beshear said in a recorded video. “From the largest single economic development in our history, with Ford investing $5.8 billion in our state. And to our COVID numbers, finally coming down — something we’ve all prayed for.”

Beshear reported on social media accounts Monday that there were 722 new cases of COVID-19, a decreased positivity rate of 8.26% and 23 new deaths. Additionally, Beshear reported that 2,745,220 people in Kentucky have been vaccinated.

Beshear also took time to show his state pride and his thankfulness to everyone during these unprecedented times.

“I’m proud to be a Kentuckian,” he said. “I’m proud of you for your work during this entire pandemic. Getting up and doing the right thing — sacrificing to protect the lives of one another.”

Beshear announced the start of a week-long social media initiative, wanting to hear from all residents about “why (you) are proud to be a Kentuckian,” using the hashtag #TeamKentucky.

“I think we’re about to enter a special time of prosperity as we come out of this pandemic, and I couldn’t be more excited to be your governor and to share, what I believe, to be very special moments with you,” Beshear said.

Beshear plans to resume his weekly COVID briefings on Oct. 18.

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